“You Want Happy Ending?”

“Once Upon a time in a far away land, way up high in the hills there lived a woman who thought a man could make all her dreams come true, and then she woke up with the entire King sized bed to herself. She smiled as she stretched her leg out to the cold spot…Su-weeeeet! ”  It’s all about perspective…

I am no longer looking for a fairytale ending, a ‘happy ending’ would suffice. 😉 When it comes to fairytales it’s not that kind of ending we want, it’s the happily ever after we’re looking for. You have to be happy within yourself if you want to naturally attract someone to join you on the journey to happily ever after, which includes ‘happy endings’ by the way! Good motivation…right?

Focus on where you are right now. What makes YOU happy? I am happy when I am doing something creative, near the ocean, laughing out loud with friends, when I’m healthy, inspiring others and creating memories with my family. Add a great guy to this picture and I am happy, take him out of the picture and hey I’m still happy. Figure out what makes YOU happy first before you add someone else to the mix. A delicious life is irresistible!


Romance for me has always gone hand in hand with happiness. Life is about love and not giving into fear. Fear distances us from real happiness. And romance doesn’t necessarily lead to love. You can’t control who you fall in love with and shouldn’t want to control the one you love.

Fairytales are read to us to give us hope that although life has it’s struggles, we can connect with someone along the way and ‘live happily ever after.’ They allow us to spread our wings as human beings, have faith in love and take chances. They let us believe in something wonderful…for a while until reality rears it’s ugly head!

Even when life has its way of bringing us back to reality, we can find happiness within the chaos. We just need to go back to the basics of being happy within.

Beginning are filled with flirty excitement, passion, lust and desire and all the juicy stuff. Middles are where the lessons are learned, progress is made, evolving and unfolding is done, substance is recognized, bonding occurs and romance takes a step forward towards love. As for the ending, true love has no end.

I am finally happy with who I am and can open myself to romantic adventure that makes my heart beat right out of my chest without the expectation of it being my source of happiness. Happiness starts from within, from there it is completely up to you which direction you go. Ultimately YOU choose whether or not to be happy. Regardless of whether or not there is a man romantically tied to me, I will always choose to be happy. I will live happily ever after…

The End Beginning ~



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  • Rick

    Ya Boy !

    Nicely Said Tracy ! I have no comment because it can’t be said any better than how you said it. Flip ( Man ) for ( Women ) and you got it ALL covered.
    More men should read these posts. You gals are great and your not just Inspiring Women, Your Inspiring People In General.

    As Always, Well Done ! Keep Up The Great Work !

    Cheers ! 🙂

  • jacquie

    “…true love has no end”.
    I beg to differ. Life is so complicated these days, and we have so much coming at us to throw us off course, that sometimes true (meaning ‘real’) love does end. It gets swept up with the rest of the crap littering our lives, unfortunately. Just because it ends doesn’t mean it wasn’t real or true at some point. Everlasting love is terrific but it doesn’t make it any ‘better’ than short lived love.
    It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. I think that’s how it goes…
    Love you always, T. xo
    (Yes, in a way true love has no end because you always have memories!)

    • Tracy Westerholm

      I so don’t agree at all Jacquie, perhaps that’s the True Love Child or Romantic disposition I was born with. Feb 14 th!

      I think that if love ends it was real in the moment at some point, but not true love or everlasting love. I believe there is a difference and that not everyone has the pleasure or fortune to experience love to such a degree.
      Everlasting love is so far beyond and ‘better’ than short lived love I can’t even begin to find a scale to compare the two! 🙂

      Love for someone stays in your heart regardless of whether or not they stay in your life. When you experience true unconditional love, I do believe it lasts forever and does not come to an end.

      I will agree to disagree xo
      Love you too!

      • Francesco

        Nice post.. you made me write several long responses… all fractured fairy tales of a simple perspective of love… My words seemed not strong enough to weigh some of our common feelings… But, thank you for the pause to feel. Ladies… your posts often have that effect. xo LYVM…

  • Rachael

    Beautifully written. I loved this: “Love for someone stays in your heart regardless of whether or not they stay in your life. When you experience true unconditional love, I do believe it lasts forever and does not come to an end.”

    Love your writing. 🙂

  • Bonnie Johnson

    Su-weeeet! Ha ha! I just love your sense of humour. Great post Trace!

    There are so many types of love and I’m sure they are all true in their own ways. Everlasting love can happen between people who are no longer together but still hold a special place for the other in their heart.

    Don’t get caught up in the terminology or specifics just be open to all kinds of love and always, always, always focus on making yourself happy. xo

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