Life is all about giving love away so it seems fitting to start my bio with this video! M.C Yogi

Tracy’s Taratory~Β 

I was born and raised below the North Shore Mountains onΒ Valentines Day. A True Love Child! I got my appetite for adventure at the age of 11 when my family packed up to traveled the world for a year. Still one of the best adventures I have taken part in.

I worked in the film industry for many years as an actress in commercial & television with a ‘B’ movie thrown in for fun. I had a recurring role on Stargate SG1.(SF Westerholm) I also stood-in for Amanda Tapping for the first 5 years! (ya, I know the resemblance is uncanny lol) Love my Stargate family !!

I’ve never been one to follow the latest styles or fads and I think I am the only woman I know who doesn’t enjoy shopping. I figure if you like something you should wear it. If it’s not in style, eventually it will be. Style should be a personal choice. I am athletic and run to meditate, clear my mind, strengthen my soul, gain personal power and simply because I can. I believe your body is your gift in life, treat it well and it will take care of you! Having said that I am not saving it for the next time around!

Bonnie and I met in acting class when we were 15 and have been Best Friends ever since. She took a sabbatical from writing but I have hopes that one day she will join me again here, I miss her writing and inspiration! She’s an amazing woman who knows every detail of my life, how scary is that! We have a bond that is deeper than this lifetime!

I loved my dog Zack who was my companion for over 16 1/2 years. Zack was the best dog on this planet! He was more well behaved than most children I know with the exception of mine. In November 2010 we added Lulu to our family who is also a Border Collie Lab X who looks just like Zack! We set Zack’s spirit free in December 2010;(

I am proud of being self sufficient and independent, I don’t often ask for help. I love spending time alone, but miss sharing my life with a romantic male energy!

Can’t is not in my vocabulary…no is. I live to stir the pot, stimulate conversations and get people talking. I don’t believe in arguments only debates. I’m quite happy to agree to disagree if I can’t persuade you to my world! I love my own inner dialog it totally cracks me up. I find humour in almost everything even things I shouldn’t! Laughter and love are necessary in my life, just as is a body of water and fresh air! Flirting stimulates passion and keeps me in touch with my sexuality…I have boundaries, they just stretch.

Music stirs my soul and inspires me to write. I envy musicians for their ability to make music with lyrics that we can all relate to at some point in our lives. Magic! I love tattoo’s and the stories behind them.Β I have twoΒ three. I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours! I am driven by passion and romance and if were given the chance would go back to the age of innocence when courting and ballroom dancing existed. I love riding motorcycles because it allows my spirit to experience what raw freedom feels like as I fly down the road by the seat of my pants. I am addicted to family, love, romance, stationary, book stores, writing, spirit, and of course Tara Cronica.

I am a proud Mom of two incredible little human beings who are definitely here to change the world! My life changed the moment I felt their presence! Their father and I have redefined our relationship, we now walk independent of the other. He is a man whose ‘doings’ may change but his intent will always be pure and rock solid. He is willing to do work spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally to get to where he is meant to be. He will never compromise who he is or bend to anything less. I am grateful for our friendship πŸ™‚

I embrace life and always try to look for the lesson. I have no major regrets, a few small ones and I try to live in the moment the most authentic way I know how. I believe in Divine timing. If we were meant to meet I am certain we will.

Don’t create circumstances that go against yourselfis one of my favourite quotes from Miguel Ruiz. I believe in Karma. I have had plenty, good and bad. I have mental and physical strength and am slowly becoming the woman I am meant to be in this life. I have no expectations. I want to experience people for who they are for however long the journey may last and breath in every intoxicating moment that comes my way.

Life is ever changing, you never really know your path until you are walking it, and still then it’s not always your choice that changes its direction, most important is to just keep going! Tracy ~

So please join me on my journey to never say never land!

Tracy Questions Her Maturity ~

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29 thoughts on “Tracy

  1. Tracy, I knew you in my previous life.
    Beautiful writing from a wholly beautiful lady.

  2. OK, You Wonderful Writer With Such A Passionate Voice ! Well Done !

    Now, “Our Heart & Soul ” What are they really for ?

  3. just wanted to say to you your site is great for all . even the ones who like to sit and just listen

  4. i have seen that post it brought back “my best ever kiss” thank you for your post on that

  5. my best kiss ever took place after a long process of verbal inuendos, a long stare, and lots of sexual tension. To make my story short, it was the passion, eye contact and the body language that led up to my first and last best kiss ever. We never saw each other again . Once the seed was planted in my brain I doubt that i will ever match that kind off kiss… therefore, it is what it is and i do not search to top that feeling of being lost in that deep passionate moment.

    • Verbal innuendoes, long stare, sexual tension, I can see why that may have been your best kiss ever, it has all the intoxicating elements of what a kiss should be. Sorry to hear you have not seen her since, I won’t ask why. Having a kiss such as you describe would make me search the rest of my life for one that matched its passion! I personally would need another! πŸ™‚
      Thanks for your openness!

  6. well one day we shall share that intense stare again and without a thought i will walk right up to her and get my second best kiss ever… unless i get a slap . One can wish ha

    • Wishes and Dreams are what makes life so exciting, and a great imagination, and good intention, and not going against yourself, and and and I could go on for hours! A slap…hmmm, makes this more interesting now, do share if you see her again! πŸ™‚

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  8. Just watched your video “Tracy Questions Her Maturity”…so funny. I’ll be chuckling for the rest of the day and then some.

    As for the “Best Ever Kiss”, I am still waiting for that special woman to knock my socks off!!!

    Have a great day. Cheers!!

    • I’m glad me questioning my maturity made you laugh…tomorrow I am wearing a mustache for the day for a donation to Movember…I was bamboozled into doing it by a friend of mine but for a good cause indeed!
      My Best Ever Kiss was sooooooooooo long ago now I can’t remember so I am back to square one again too. I’m loosing faith Doug…sad for a hopeless romantic! And so I will continue to resort to human to amuse myself πŸ™‚
      Thanks for the comment and taking the time to visit!

  9. Dont’ ever give up your faith Tracy. A big part of being a hopeless romantic ( as I am too) is the immense anticipation that you always have in your mind that around the next corner or through the next door will be the most incredible human-being that you will ever meet…the one that will be your true soul-mate , the person that will touch you so deeply you will be changed forever.

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