Men…Like’em, love’em or lose’em!

Taylor Kitsch has the sparkle

It’s no secret that I LOVE men!  But I also like ’em.  Men are pretty basic and raw.  They are not nearly as complex as their female counterpart.  I mean that in a complimentary way!  With women being so independent and self sufficient we hardly even need them anymore.  I think men are feeling this vibe from women and are not too sure what their role is with women anymore.  Men aren’t really required anymore or are they?

I, for one, wouldn’t want to live without men in my life because I find them incredibly interesting in how there brain works so differently than ours.  I have always had male friends in my circle and love the dynamic they bring to the friendship.  I love man-friends!  I think I must have been a man in a past life because I’m comfortable around them and have always related to men.  They just seem to make sense to me.

Women on occasion make things more complicated than need be.   I have learned over the years that men are really who they are when you have absolutely no expectations of them.  It  is then that you see them for who they truly are.


They are wired to hunt, protect and continue the human race.  Think about that for a moment; the raw male energy hunting, protecting you and then making mad passionate love to you!!  How can that not be required anymore?  If you understand that and don’t try to change or manipulate them to benefit you and only you, then your time spent with them will be real.Protect us

I love men who have the confidence to be themselves without trying to impress.  It doesn’t really matter what a man does as long as he does it passionately.  Men love women and want to please them but I think we sometimes make that more difficult than necessary.  I think there is a great deal we can learn from the male energy and I for one am loving the journey.  I love ’em for their  honesty and hard work, I like ’em for their sense of humour and entertainment value and I’d lose ’em if they just gave me everything I wanted without the challenge.

Eye contact with the right man is the ultimate turn on when a connection is made.  I am not talking the stare stare like a bear kind, or the creepy wet your lips and lick your chops kind.  I am talking about the kind when a guy gets that unique sparkle in his eyes when he catches yours.  It doesn’t happen very often but when it does it’s magic.

I would keep men on earth for just that alone.  When we get that connection with a man it can last for months, even years, in our fantasy bank.  It is all about how a man makes you feel inside that really gets women intrigued.  Men aren’t going to change, and we shouldn’t want them to!   We should embrace who they are and either like ’em, love ’em or lose ’em.  Any thoughts on this Girls or Guys?


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  • Metro

    Bring home the bacon, shelter you from harm and procreate. Sounds good to me….

    If only it was that easy for us men. We would no longer need to psychoanalyze every women’s mood swings which we seem to have a knack of really screwing up on.

    Hunt, protect, make love… hunt, protect, make love…. I’m starting to feel real primal. Arrrghh!

  • Rick

    Once again! Your way of putting feelings into words is phenomenal. You have a perfect observation of us male beings, to a point.I beleive that most rare catches for women are a combination of first and foremost exactly what you said…..I think that your right on the money … with that part. I also know that men who truly know how to love and care and show it….. are out there. And the ones that say men are so much different than woman are not exactly speaking the full gospel truth. Yes, we are extremely different ( Male & Female ) but we are also very much alike in so many ways. I beleive that a lot of men act primal …. so to speak… so the tender part of them doesn’t have to be dealt with. I beleive that they think that women don’t want to see the soft feminine side because they would be thought of as wimps. Real men don’t mind showing their true feelings, the soft side, caring, the side that sometimes needs the female strength of their soul mate to make them that much stronger than ever. I beleive men like to talk and and be held just like women….. they just don’t admit it in fear of not showing they are true MEN. If a women could have all the natural attractive,protective,provide for you type things that you brought up that are so very true, and the side I’ve just mentioned all rolled into one…… what would you ladies prefer ? If it’s just the primal natural guy with nothing else to put on the table……please let me know so I can go back to being the tattooed tough guy, that was always a great provider……lol.

    Great Subject !
    P.S. The eye contact connection thing… now that is truly the ultimate feeling…… WoW !

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