Confessions of an Addict

Bonnie's PostHello, my name is Bonnie Johnson and I’m a magazineaholic.

I’ve had a serious addiction to magazines for many years now.  I love them! I love their glossy-ness and their clever cover headlines that grab my attention and won’t let go!  I love the pretty pictures, the way they feel in my hands and even the way the smell.

I love the way you can read up on a subject in a couple of pages or less! You can start a story and finish it in a matter of minutes.  And flipping…I love flipping through the pages.  Sometimes that’s all I do.  I don’t even bother reading the full articles.  I just flip through them and I feel like it’s ok to do that because…it’s a magazine!  I do read the advertisements though.  Yes, I do.  I love the ads.  I love evaluating how they are trying to manipulate me into buying their product.  It’s a game for me.  I know that they’ve won when I catch myself buying the product.  Shrug!stack of magazines

I can only go a couple of days without a magazine before I start jonesing for another.  I get my merchandise from various dealers.  I once had a group of jugglers (teen-aged street dealers) come to my door and sign me up for about 6 different subscriptions at once.  I couldn’t help myself.  They came right to my front door!

I’ve even come close, once or twice, to jacking (stealing) a magazine from waiting rooms but have never quite been able to pull it off.  You just never know who’s been bogarting (salivating) on it.  Ew!

My husband tries to tell me I’m solely responsible for destroying the worlds rain forests through my addiction, but I argue that I recycle them all.  So there! Then I put my fingers in my ears and sing “la la la la la,… I can’t hear you”.

I’d love to keep sharing but I went to the grocery store earlier and bought the latest O Magazine then I stopped to check my mailbox where I had three more magazines waiting for me.  SCORE!!  So I’m off to use again.  Keep me in your prayers.



  • tracy

    I can relate but I don’t think I am to the point of no return as you obviously are ! I read my mags in stages, first time around I just flip and then I go through and just read what interests me most and so on and so on and so on. I NEVER read it cover to cover because I keep them for months afterwards so I can go back and read what I missed. Good luck and May Tara be with you !

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