Never do today what you can put off for tomorrow. Better yet, never put off ’til tomorrow what you can avoid altogether!

While I was surfing the web looking at the reasons we all procrastinate from time to time I found this very funny video that nailed it for me~

Apparently I am not the only one who does this.  Phew!  I love the feeling of getting ‘my stuff done’ each day but there are some days, like today for instance, that it’s just not going to happen.

My list today is sitting right in front of me, glowing in fact, calling to me to look at it, but I am not going to, it can’t make me!!
I do procrastinate from time to time and I often wonder why?  Is there a Scientific answer?  Maybe it’s just the position of the Moon?  Here is what I found~

Contrary to popular belief, procrastinators generally aren’t perfectionists; (well that can’t be right?) instead, they’re more likely to delay tasks they’re not confident about, says researcher Piers Steel, Ph.D. (Ph.D Shmee h deee) Steel is an assistant professor in the human resources and organizational dynamics department of Canada’s University of Calgary. “Essentially, procrastinators have less confidence in themselves, less expectancy that they can actually complete a task,”  Steel says in a University of Calgary news release. 

“Perfectionism is not the culprit,” he continues. “In fact, perfectionists procrastinate less, but they worry about it more.”  Procrastination has been around ever since civilization began and “does not appear to be disappearing anytime soon,” writes Steel.

So he boiled procrastination down to a mathematical formula. (Just to confuse me personally!  On Tuesday procrastinators were given $1.00 if they did not procrastinate until noon on Wednesday, by the second Friday of the third week how many times did they procrastinate …Mathematical Trickery!)

The formula predicts procrastination based on a person’s expectation of finishing a task, the task’s importance, the person’s desire to complete the task, and how soon the task needs to be done. The formula suggests people are less likely to procrastinate if the task has to be done ASAP and they feel confident they are up to the task.  It suggests people are more likely to procrastinate if the task is less urgent, less appealing, or daunting to the person facing the task. (Yep that’s me, if it’s not captivating, or I don’t feel passionate about it, or there’s not a handsome guy to flirt with, I will go back and forth with my Monkey mind about whether it’s important enough to get done right away.)

Other factors may also be involved, Steel notes.

For example, he points out that rebellious people may tend to procrastinate tasks given by authority figures; and depressed people may procrastinate due to low energy. (Can’t it just be that we are feeling lazy today?)

More research is needed on procrastination, and the sooner, the better, Steel concludes. (His Professor asked him to conclude but he was feeling a little low energy so I will get an update soon, soon meaning sometime in the future, probably next month or next year, it really depends, I am super busy right now 🙂 )

Procrastination = Avoidance of Success. Next time you procrastinate, ask yourself why you’re avoiding success…

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11 thoughts on “Procrastination!

  1. Ha ha!
    I am soooo that cartoon guy. Throw in a little “what did I come into this room to get?” confusion and just like that! …nothin’ much gets accomplished.

    I’ve just started to write down 6 goals a day…nothing too big. I’ll let you know how well that goes. So far I’m avoiding them all by commenting here right now. And so it begins…

  2. thanks Tracy… the rain is falling and my list too is glowing…..I am fighting with the procastinators dilemna…do I go for the run, attack my list….oh, or maybe I could watch a dvd..(is this possibly a slight bit of ADD?)
    thanks for the giggle.

  3. Hey thanks for leaving a comment Brenda, so I am not the only one, Yeah!! The run part gets ticked off my list each day as I know it does with you too, it’s just all the other stuff I have a hard time with. How exactly am I going to benefit from painting a room ?? I did prune a tree in my front yard with my new pruner, that was fun, almost got carried away, I think the trunk will make a good coat rack if it doesn’t grow any branches back. Tomorrow I will venture into the backyard and see if I can put off painting another day. Lets go running together, I think the angry dog doesn’t live there anymore, but hey I will protect you anyways ! lol I am assuming it’s you Brenda?

    • hey tracy, would love to go for a run with you….maybe next time you are up in Whistler, let me know. Don’t be afraid of the black bears, they don’t run as fast as you think, now that they are getting ready to hibernate. 🙂 Any black bear, for me, is a great sign.
      I hope that all is well with you….seems so, now that you are talking about hablando a Espanol. Que bueno. ( I worked at expo 92 in sevilla, spain, so would say that Spain would be a better place to immerse yourself into it….they are lovely to be around.
      be well….brenda b

  4. This Is Really Intresting…. To Say The Least. I Procrastinate Too Sometimes And Don’t know why ? I seem To Work Better And More Efficient Under Presure…… Not Sure Why ?

    Great Points Here ! Thanks Tracy !

  5. Oh My goodness! I am that guy.

    Just like today I went to clean my roon but then I knew I was going to take a while to clean so I thought to eat first. So While eating I started doing my new agenda but I needed a pen so I organized the drawer, to say the least Im sitting in a dirty room with things piled on my bed, agenda isnt done and right now its 5:00am and I still havent slept because I was going to still clean my room but I got distracted by Taracronica.

    I am that guy!

    and now im off to read an email I got before bed about the worlds finest chocolate.

    • That is hilarious Samantha, as I read your comment I added in my head that guys voice and laughed all the way through!!! I especially love the part that you got distracted by TARACRONICA !!! Join my club girl, it’s a really fun one and I love company !!! Your in ! T thanks for the giggle and smile this morning. I got early cause I have a lot of stuff to do today …

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