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Remember Amy Krouse Rosenthal? She created the video “The Beckoning of Lovely” which I featured here some time ago.  Amy is a New York Times bestselling author of books for children and grown-ups.

Amy’s web site bio page reads:
“Her books radiate fun the way tulips radiate spring:
they are elegant and spirit-lifting.”

The New York Times Book Review

Amy Krouse Rosenthal is a person who likes to make things.

Some things she likes to make:
Children’s books.
Grown-up books.
Short films.
Radio pieces.
Connections with the universe via interactive projects.
Something out of nothing.

I find her work absolutely delightful and I’m pleased to be able to share another short film she has created.   By the way, you can make a wish on her bio page blow on the dandelion puff and it will be granted! Very cool!

What a great ending!


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