Helping To Create Something Lovely

There are certain things that can sometimes move me to tears.  There is no rhyme or reason to this phenomenon and I can never predict when it will happen.  One thing is certain though, if it is a moment when I’m expected to tear up…I won’t.

But every time I watch a short film from Amy Krouse Rosenthal I get emotional.  I think it is just the fact that people are connecting.  Complete strangers coming together gets me weepy.  Go figure!

Last year I wrote a post introducing Amy to our Tara Cronica readers and I recently received this email:

Hi Bonnie,

I’m Brian, a collaborator with Amy Krouse Rosenthal on The Beckoning of Lovely film project. Back in February of 2010, you wrote a post on your blog about The Beckoning of Lovely:

In the time since, the Beckoning has evolved and expanded into the making of a feature length film.  In the spirit of the project, we are funding the film through small contributions from the universe.  No sponsors.  No big time producers.  We are in the midst of our final campaign for contributions and I was hoping that you could help spread the word to your readers.  This project has grown into something truly beautiful, and we are so close to reaching our goals.

If you would like to help spread the word, please direct your readers to Amy’s Kickstarter page about the project:

If you would like to reacquaint yourself with the project, please take a look at Amy’s special return to Millennium Park on 10/10/10.

Thanks for helping to create something lovely,


More info at Amy’s online home:

List of links from above:
Beckoning of Lovely Kickstarter Page:
BOL Kickstarter Video #1:
BOL Kickstarter Video #2:
Beckoning of Lovely 10/10/10:

Hey, I’m all for helping to create something lovely! I happily donated to this latest project because I really want to see what she will create next.  Plus, because I’m always left with the feeling of wanting more,  I really love that it will be a feature length film this time!  Yay Amy!


Svaha Spirit Series ~ Kindness

Remember Amy Krouse Rosenthal? She created the video “The Beckoning of Lovely” which I featured here some time ago.  Amy is a New York Times bestselling author of books for children and grown-ups.

Amy’s web site bio page reads:
“Her books radiate fun the way tulips radiate spring:
they are elegant and spirit-lifting.”

The New York Times Book Review

Amy Krouse Rosenthal is a person who likes to make things.

Some things she likes to make:
Children’s books.
Grown-up books.
Short films.
Radio pieces.
Connections with the universe via interactive projects.
Something out of nothing.

I find her work absolutely delightful and I’m pleased to be able to share another short film she has created.   By the way, you can make a wish on her bio page blow on the dandelion puff and it will be granted! Very cool!

What a great ending!