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“So You Want To Be A Safari Guide. It’s what I thought when I was twelve, now I am forty one. Let’s find out. This is a loose record of my experience at ENTABENI NATURE GUIDES six month guiding course.” Ryan Ennis

This is how Ryan In Africa starts. That was the hook for me. In 1985 when the movie “Out of Africa” came out I totally fantasied about living there. I didn’t want the life of Meryl Streep’s character for obvious reasons but for the beauty of the land and being completely back to basics. I bumped into Ryan a couple of days before he was to start his adventure. I was blown away that he was actually doing it. No one usually follows through with things like this. Adventures such as this are usually a pipe dream that we hear about for days which turn into weeks and soon years until it’s not talked about anymore. Ryan is living a dream that usually stays just that for many of us!

I was sooooo envious that he had a one way ticket to an adventure of a lifetime! Being a Stuntman I think you naturally crave that adrenaline high but this adrenaline would be completely different. Ryan isn’t on set in a controlled environment with first aid standing off camera. There is no craft service, nobody yells “cut” if things go wrong and there’s no stunt trailer. There’s trained guides, mother nature, wild animals and a massive amount of information to be learned!

Life should be about experience and that’s what I admired about what Ryan is doing.Β For those of you who don’t know Ryan he’s one of the Best Stud (I meant to type Stuntmen/Coordinator) in the film industry but I’ll leave that for the ‘Freudian’ lovers out there. Our paths have crossed on several different occasion over 17 years through friends, work and business. I love Ryan’s approach to life, he’s hilarious! It’s not everyday you get to read what it takes to be a Safari Guide so enjoy escaping with Ryan as he shares his entertaining loose record of his experience! I know you will laugh out loud, contemplate life a little and ask yourself Β “Am I living my dream?”

Ryan in Africa

Here is an excerpt from Ryan In Africa~ The Lion Walk

“First we come across where the Lions killed a Wildebeest the night before. Knowing that they are well fed is a good thing, knowing they can always eat more is a bit sobering. So now we have the track and we know they are on the other side of some trees. We sneak through the trees like we are hunting rabbits. Big fucking six hundred pound rabbits with six inch teeth that want to kill us. It is a slow sneak. We soon spot the cats, six in all , we are almost outnumbered, not that it’s a fair fight. Did I mention the claws? Jesus! Cleverly, we move forward for a better look. Shortly after we arrive at a distance of about 125 yards the big male, lioness, and two cubs decide to move on, as they do so somehow they catch wind of our presence.

Now let me tell you there is nothing, NOTHING in this life that will burn itself into your memory like two huge lions with cubs to protect stopping in their tracks to turn and stare at you. A lot goes through your mind, like how your vehicle 300 meters away might as well be in Dallas, Texas for all the good it is to you now. The tension of that moment, with their eyes burning into the back of your head, burns all the silly useless thoughts that you waste your day with out of your head like an over cleaning itself. They decide that we aren’t an immediate threat and carry on, not without checking us out every ten seconds or so. We walked back when they were clear, I’m pretty sure that I floated back to the trucks and I bet there were no tracks behind me” Ryan In Africa.

This is just a taste of what happens in life when you make ‘critical choices‘ that lead to ‘defining moments‘. Be Safe Ryan, Not Careful!


8 thoughts on “Ryan in Africa ~

  1. Wow ! Too Cool ! It’s amazing when we can follow our dreams like this !
    You’re right though Tracy , too many times our dreams are just ideas and we never follow through with taking the action we need to make them come true.
    Sounds like Ryan is having an amazing time with what he is doing.
    Sometimes our dreams get put on hold ….. but as long as we pick them back up the minute we can and don’t lose sight of them we can continue to make dreams come true ! Very Cool !

    Thanks For Sharing ! Well Done !

  2. It is cool that he found himself still in a position to follow his dream. If he had certain commitments I’d think it totally selfish to go off like this on his own. Sometimes our dreams have to be modified depending on circumstances or, like Rick says, put on hold for a bit, but they should never be forgotten altogether.

    So, my dream to be the lead singer of the group Chicago is still worth holding onto?

  3. Yikes and Wow! That ‘kitty cat’ looks beautiful, but I can’t imagine that fear of them being so close they can almost taste you.

    I too agree with Rick and Jacquie about the right timing.

    I had 33 years to discover my creative passions before my first child was born, but it took me 33 years to find the courage to pursue my artistic dreams.

    Now, I pursue them in my spare time when the kiddies are sleeping, with the hopes that one day I can make a living from being creative.

    At the end of the day, there is a mortgage to pay and mouths to feed and tap classes and swimming lessons to attend to (and hopefully hockey one day. :), so I must be patient with those dreams. It’s hard sometimes, but my two beautiful girls make it worth the wait.

    On the other hand, I also don’t want to use my kids as an excuse for not pursuing my dreams. It’s not fair on me, or more so, them. Not fair to have that hanging over their heads. To let them feel like ‘they’ were the reasons I gave up my creative aspirations.

    So, I plug away when I find time and have let them be my inspiration. I try every day, to be an example for them that you should always follow your dreams, but to remember what is ultimately important. Family.

    I think of life without my children, and suddenly nothing matters. The inspiration is gone at that thought. It’s funny, that I did not have the confidence in myself, until I became a father. Perhaps they made me feel whole and being a parent made me realize I could do anything?

    I am not sure, but I have always been more inspired throughout my life, when there was the inspiration of love in my life.

    I do commend your friend Ryan though for following his dreams. I believe it is very important to be lying in bed those final moments in life, and to know that there are no regrets. To be content with the life you lived and how you lived it.

    Even if I was to never be a published author, although I try my best to believe that I will be, there is so much to be said about giving it your all. Hockey taught me that and when I learned those lessons, losing wasn’t such a big disappointment. I tend to lean more towards the road being more exciting than the final destination.

    Don’t get me wrong, the reward is nice. There is something to be said about that sweet taste of victory and holding that championship trophy in your hands, but as long as you are having fun and enjoying the journey, the prize is just an added bonus. I am also a bigger fan of a good story than my team always winning. Like the US beating Canada in the World Juniors. It was a better story when all was said and done – and I am a passionate Canadian! πŸ™‚

    Sorry for the ramble. This post made me look at my own creative aspirations.

    Thanks Tracy (and Rick), for showing us how to follow our dreams.


    • I wish you could see my face as I read your words, it includes a smile from ear to ear each time πŸ™‚

      So many good points, I too feel the same about my kids, they have their path in life and we have ours the trick is to not lose sight of ours as we help them pursue theirs!

      I am right there with you on being more inspired throughout your life when there was the inspiration of love in your life. Doesn’t everyone feel that way? lol

      Any journey should be enjoyed the entire way there. It’s what makes it worth it and gives us the memories. I admire Ryan for doing this because he left a well paid job which he worked very hard at to do something that he obviously had thought a great deal about for some time. He doesn’t fear change. At this point it doesn’t really matter if he becomes a Safari Guide in the end, because I think that the ‘getting’ there is where the lessons are. He may be on a plane home in 6 months and be back doing what he was before but AT LEAST he went down an alternate path to find out what was there. Ultimately in the end the decision is his to make!

      Okay now I will go for my walk in the sunshine! Thanks as always Lawrence for your conversation that inspires me!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  4. Speaking of Africa, I am not sure if I actually found this link from your site, but here are a couple of songs that make you want to visit Africa. πŸ™‚


    The second one being the inspiration for my site name. πŸ™‚ I absolutely love this song blared over my care stereo.

    “SOUMA YERGON, SOU NOU YERGON, [If we had known, if we only had known]WE ARE SHAKIN’ THE TREE”

  5. Tracy, Thanks so much for posting this for Ryan. He truly is living his dream, and as you know he is one of those people who chooses to live life to it’s fullest. If reading about his adventures makes people take the time to think about where they are in their lives, and further inspires them to take any step, however small, to do something they have always wanted to do, then I think he would be very pleased indeed.
    Rhonda Ennis

    • Thanks for leaving a comment Rhonda, I couldn’t agree with you more. My very first impression of Ryan was all about “living”. So many people are stuck in their lives and stay there far too long! One of the reasons Tara Cronica was created was to share these inspirational stories so when you left our site you too felt empowered and inspired to make positive change in your life while you followed your own path. I look forward to following Ryan’s blog, he is so funny it’s such an easy read. He’s definitely a natural…who knew ~ T
      Nice meeting you by the way!

  6. Do you have a screw loose bro. lol! you look like your having the experience of your life man, love the pictures and your website keeping track of your journey. Take care of yourself and watch where your pointing that gun

    cheers Nev

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