“You know what!”

Our family has quite a few ‘sayings’ that make me laugh each time I hear them. My son has his favorite when someone is questioning him. It got the title of my post because it’s said the most by all of us. “You know what!” You have to have a look of displeasure on your face and really say it with conviction for it to work.

I have been surfing around other blogs lately just to see what’s going on in the blogosphere and I could totally relate to Tony Anders (‘Artisan Of The Human Spirit’) post ‘Stand up? Nope, sit down‘. I know many of you with kids approaching the wonderful years of ‘teenageism’ will be able to relate. It’s basically about how our kids perceive us as they are growing up. As a parent it feels like one day our kids are looking to us for every laugh they have waiting to let out, and the very next moment they are embarrassed by the same shtick that once got a riotous reaction! And to that I say,“You know what!” I’m not buyin it. My Dad was always able to make me laugh, I think he is still one of the funniest guys out there. Jeez I never even considered that maybe I am just not as funny as my Dad. Na, that can’t be possible. Regardless, I can’t relate when my kids look at me ‘questionably’ when I say something funny! It just makes me want to rebel even more. Ya I know, real mature.

My kids recently told me I was not allowed to sing in the car, my hand gestures are apparently over the top! (the back windows are blacked out for cry in out loud) It’s not like anyone can even see them. I know I am not the best singer but I’M NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO LIP SYNC!! “You know what!” As I told Tony in a comment I gave my kids a ‘what-for’ (you gotta love Urban dictionary) about me being who I am and loving life and that I was comfortable expressing myself as I do. They could either embrace me for all I am and enjoy the show within the confines of my Jeep with the blacked out windows, OR, tune into You-tube to see me in my own Numa Numa video for the world and all their friends to see. I’m singing in the car! Thank you very much I’ll be here til Thursday! I have retained the Paddle of Power! Now that I think of it I did do a You-tube video that shows my maturity and they laughed. (check out my bio page if you want to see how mature I really am)

Another way we get a real laugh around our house is if someone teases a member of the family because they, lets say stutter or do something stupid, (yes, we draw attention to it) the rule is you can’t tease the person back who gets you first, that’s called second man in and if you try it backfires and you become the laughing stock of the family! Skills my kids will use FOREVER, no therapy needed so far for either kid might I add. The only time your not allowed to tease someone in our family is if they are sensitive and announce “The Red Light Is On” we all respect that. I can see after reading this that we have a quirky family, but we don’t go without laughter in our house, it’s not allowed!

I will leave you with one more game that was brought home by Scott,“last one to laugh”, if you’re the last one to laugh at something it shows that you took the longest time to ‘get it’ so now the focus is on you, and we all laugh at that. It’s really funny to see everyone realize that two people are laughing and you need to laugh really quick to not be dubbed ‘last one to laugh’, which makes it even funnier. It really is all about the LOL in my world as you can see. Oh the games we play behind closed doors.

Enjoy your day everyone and just make sure you LAUGH!


Ryan in Africa ~

“So You Want To Be A Safari Guide. It’s what I thought when I was twelve, now I am forty one. Let’s find out. This is a loose record of my experience at ENTABENI NATURE GUIDES six month guiding course.” Ryan Ennis

This is how Ryan In Africa starts. That was the hook for me. In 1985 when the movie “Out of Africa” came out I totally fantasied about living there. I didn’t want the life of Meryl Streep’s character for obvious reasons but for the beauty of the land and being completely back to basics. I bumped into Ryan a couple of days before he was to start his adventure. I was blown away that he was actually doing it. No one usually follows through with things like this. Adventures such as this are usually a pipe dream that we hear about for days which turn into weeks and soon years until it’s not talked about anymore. Ryan is living a dream that usually stays just that for many of us!

I was sooooo envious that he had a one way ticket to an adventure of a lifetime! Being a Stuntman I think you naturally crave that adrenaline high but this adrenaline would be completely different. Ryan isn’t on set in a controlled environment with first aid standing off camera. There is no craft service, nobody yells “cut” if things go wrong and there’s no stunt trailer. There’s trained guides, mother nature, wild animals and a massive amount of information to be learned!

Life should be about experience and that’s what I admired about what Ryan is doing. For those of you who don’t know Ryan he’s one of the Best Stud (I meant to type Stuntmen/Coordinator) in the film industry but I’ll leave that for the ‘Freudian’ lovers out there. Our paths have crossed on several different occasion over 17 years through friends, work and business. I love Ryan’s approach to life, he’s hilarious! It’s not everyday you get to read what it takes to be a Safari Guide so enjoy escaping with Ryan as he shares his entertaining loose record of his experience! I know you will laugh out loud, contemplate life a little and ask yourself  “Am I living my dream?”

Ryan in Africa

Here is an excerpt from Ryan In Africa~ The Lion Walk

“First we come across where the Lions killed a Wildebeest the night before. Knowing that they are well fed is a good thing, knowing they can always eat more is a bit sobering. So now we have the track and we know they are on the other side of some trees. We sneak through the trees like we are hunting rabbits. Big fucking six hundred pound rabbits with six inch teeth that want to kill us. It is a slow sneak. We soon spot the cats, six in all , we are almost outnumbered, not that it’s a fair fight. Did I mention the claws? Jesus! Cleverly, we move forward for a better look. Shortly after we arrive at a distance of about 125 yards the big male, lioness, and two cubs decide to move on, as they do so somehow they catch wind of our presence.

Now let me tell you there is nothing, NOTHING in this life that will burn itself into your memory like two huge lions with cubs to protect stopping in their tracks to turn and stare at you. A lot goes through your mind, like how your vehicle 300 meters away might as well be in Dallas, Texas for all the good it is to you now. The tension of that moment, with their eyes burning into the back of your head, burns all the silly useless thoughts that you waste your day with out of your head like an over cleaning itself. They decide that we aren’t an immediate threat and carry on, not without checking us out every ten seconds or so. We walked back when they were clear, I’m pretty sure that I floated back to the trucks and I bet there were no tracks behind me” Ryan In Africa.

This is just a taste of what happens in life when you make ‘critical choices‘ that lead to ‘defining moments‘. Be Safe Ryan, Not Careful!


What is the point of a blog?

Bonnie Johnson's PostEach of us here at Tara Cronica lately have been hinting either in past blog posts or in our comments that the development of our blog has helped change us in ways we didn’t expect.  Good ways.  I think that it’s due to the process of tapping into creative juices when forced to come up with a new post idea every few days.  It stretches those elastic boundaries, creates colourful commentary and sometimes everything feels aligned.   When you put three women together who are all independent, strong willed and passionate, you are bound to get some interesting results.  We don’t always agree with one another.  I’m sure you don’t always agree with what you read here at different times either.  What I love about that is that we all get a say thanks to the comment section below each post.  And we respect each other and our different views even if we sometimes choose to agree to disagree.

In the beginning we thought it was important to keep everything lovely and uplifting and positive.  We still want that, but we also want to keep it real.  Real isn’t always sunshine and roses.

When the three of us first got together and were brainstorming ideas for this web site the word “authentic” kept coming up.  We all agreed that our writing had to be authentic to who we each really were.  We wanted to encourage other people to feel safe to just be themselves when interacting with us too.  I feel we are staying true to that.  This medium has allowed us to use our voice and by doing so in some cases has allowed us to find it in places we didn’t expect to.  And so we find ourselves constantly changing and growing from the experiences Tara Cronica has introduced us to.  We sprinkle our posts with things and people that inspire us whenever we come across them, we share moments from our personal lives like we are talking to close friends and sometimes we simply talk about what we know for sure…so far.  There are some who don’t understand what the point of our blog is.  Point?  Does there really need to be one?  We love creating our posts for various reasons and it is our hope that all of you  will enjoy our little banter when you choose to visit us.  For me it’s about sharing.  Sharing other sites, books, movies, music, people and sometimes just my own point of view.  This is a blog after all:

Blog is an abbreviated version of Weblog, which is a term used to describe Web sites that maintain an ongoing chronicle of information. A blog is a frequently updated, personal Web site featuring diary-type commentary and links to articles or other Web sites.