• Tracy Westerholm

    So did you end up doing this beauty of a job or did they? I still laugh every time I hear the word pedicure. I think of the story you told me of the man toe nail landing on your lip when you clipped it! Stuck in your lipstick! (it was you right?) lololol!

    What exactly are your toes trying to grip onto? Are they your toes? I remember your feet being much more petite looking but I could be wrong! I have a photo of our feet with Jordan’s on the dock that I would add but mine look like huge man feet beside yours…ugh! Love your sense of haha and accent! (((smile))) all day long! xoxo

  • Bonnie Johnson

    Those are not my toes! I ended up with a dark, dark blue polish…no Canucks logo.

    The toenail clipping that stuck to the pedicurists lip was not me (thankfully) but a girl I worked with at a nail salon many long years ago. I still remember how grossed out she was when she told us all what had happened after the guy left. It was especially disturbing because his feet looked like he hadn’t washed or clipped them in a year. Poor girl! Hazards of the job.

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