Meditation T-Style

We all have five minutes to spare and if we don’t we seriously need to reevaluate our lives. Listen to the music I’ve added below and try my meditation. I run to meditate and this is what I visualize when I get into my zone.

I imagine myself moving freely to the music rain dance style with absolutely no inhibitions! None…zilch…zero…nada! Visualize Jim Morrison dancing around the desert on ecstasy. That’s me but without the psychedelic drug, just high on life! Now there’s a visual!

As my body moves to the music I visualize everything that weighs me down on the surface of my skin. It starts to rain and my cleanse begins. My body ((((vibrates)))) to the energy of the music and like beads of water my murky clouded thoughts start to slowly roll off the surface of my skin. Acknowledging these thoughts will allow you to release them. Your body will start to feel lighter while you continue to move freely.

Your thoughts, now clear beads, run into each other growing as they flow from your freshly cleansed skin. You will start to feel empowered ready to face the world.

Your skin is now silky and smooth covered in a protective oil.

I end my run with the feeling of having my arms open to what ever comes my way. I believe meditation is why I am able to move forward so easily in life. I let go of anything negative that might hold me back. I meditate and visualize this release on a regular basis. It gets easier each time. Any music works as long as you can get lost in it. I like music that has an escalating beat and Madonna’s ‘Let It Will Be’ is one of many that works for me. Sometimes you just have to Let It Will Be.

I just got back from a run and I feel INCREDIBLE! There’s NOTHING better than having every drop of blood in your body vibrating to music created by great musicians!


Music is what feelings sound like ~ unknown quote (thanks H.M)

I am cleansed, clear and high on life! I have no intention of coming down any time soon! If you’d like to join me I’m right up here, the more the merrier!

Thoughts become things…pick the good ones!

Svaha ~

"Exploring the never-ending desires that fuel all life, while finding lyrical beauty in everyday happenings."


  • jacquie

    I’d start running but I don’t like the idea of my face jiggling. : ) I can’t help but imagine the wear and tear on my cheeks. Good excuse?

    I love listening to music as a way to relax, though, and if I ever did take up running I’d be asking for your playlist!

  • Bonnie Johnson

    I’m still drenched in sweat as I write this…just back from my run. I thought of your words as I ran and liked using the idea of letting all the mind chatter sweat away as I ran.

    I have to run to music or I just can’t go very far. It energizes me and puts me into a rhythm. John laughs at me because I always speed up at the end…he says I’m like a horse that smells the barn but it’s more about feeling energized by the accomplishment.

    I never thought about my face jiggling as I run but I’m more concerned about my ass not jiggling when I walk so I better keep running. 🙂

  • Tracy Westerholm

    I just finished my run and have come to the conclusion that late night writing and next day running dont mix! I am not sure if my face jiggled but am positive my ass did!
    I also have to listen to music to make the experience that much better!

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