Go Canucks Go!

This is for you Lawrence! I am a woman of my word! Yes I lost a bet everyone! Great job Vancouver! Just to be clear I did not jump off the wagon, I have my seat reserved for next year!


Are you ready Vancouver? This is it! Tonight’s the night we will all sit at the edge of our seats when the puck is dropped at centre ice. Vancouver Canuck fans have been waiting in anticipation for this day and it’s finally here! The electricity in the air will not only be felt by those at Rogers Arena, it will be felt by everyone no matter where you watch the game. The city will come alive tonight! The hottest ticket in town!

I can’t imagine what is going through the players minds today except that tonight they will participate in the game of their lives. It’s all or nothing. Go big or go home empty handed! The Vancouver Canucks are playing in Game 7 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Final! Incredible! It’s what every hockey player dreams of. Good luck Boys! Live your dream tonight! I believe…

Be a Fan not a Fool tonight Vancouver!

I can’t remember off the top of my head who we are playing but I am craving honey on toast this morning! There couldn’t be a better band than U2 to play our theme song!

Okay Lawrence it all comes down to this…:)

One more for those who want to hear a great motivational speech by Al Pacino~


7 thoughts on “Go Canucks Go!

  1. All we can hope for is a clean game like the Canucks have played all year. And the refs don’t ignore the dirty players on the Boston team. The way Boston plays is goon hockey. Thomas is a fantastic goalie and is shoulders above Luongo. But Canucks have the better team if they are allowed to play the game. Go Canucks Go.

  2. I think Jane nailed it with her comments. Dirty hockey in Boston so far. Thomas is an excellent goalie and he might make the difference, but I absolutely hate the way Boston is behaving. Ugly. Just play clean, hard-hitting, fast hockey and we’ll see who wins.

  3. Bah!
    Good for you Trayce! If you lose a bet you have to follow through…damn though!

    Well it was a good year regardless of the outcome! I still love my Canucks and I will miss my twitter conversations with DUB! or Bozo or whatever he goes by these days. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Congrats Lawrence!

  4. Great post Tracy and once again, great job on the face paint. I feel like we are two mayors having made bets of our hometowns winning the cup.

    You are a great sport, as were your fans when they cheered on Tim Thomas last night when he won the Conne Smythe Trophy. Class was all around – minus a select few.

    Canucks will be around for awhile.

    Awesome to see the spirit of the game alive in the three of you ladies. Bonnie, I was the same way until that final whistle.

    What a finals, and what a playoffs in general for both teams.

    • Thanks Lawrence! I loved watching this series, both teams deserved to be there! I am a fan and think they should all be proud of themselves!
      Tim Thomas is an amazing goalie and really deserved the Conne Smythe Trophy! We just couldn’t get anything by him!

      Boston fought hard and came out on top…this year! ๐Ÿ™‚ Next year it will be full body and face paint!!! lol
      Enjoy the victory! xo

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