Tantric Sex ~

You’ve probably heard of tantric sex. I think when anyone mentions the word tantric we immediately think of Sting, and when we mention Sting we think of him having tantric sex. Whether or not he actually has tantric sex is another story. I’ve heard that it was a joke started by Bob Geldoff and it just never died. I tried snopes.com but found nothing.

I’d like to learn more about tantric sex but I just don’t have the time. (giggle) Not sure to be honest that I’d have the patience for it? Would you consider indulging in tantric sex? I say indulge because my understanding of it is that you have to have hours if not days of free time in order to really qualify your ‘session’ to be tantric? (seriously who has that much free time?) Is there a condensed version of tantric sex…or am I missing the point? “Can we just get to the good stuff?”

I visualize tantric sex starting out similar to the typical first aide full body assessment scan, hands going in circles close to those forbidden areas, teasing without touchdown. “I’m not touching you”…”I’m not touching you” I k-n-o-w you eventually touch each other in the nether-regions, it’s not like two mimes having sex or anything silly like that. How long do you think it takes the average person to question…“why is it that we aren’t actually touching ‘there’ again?” Well, let me tell you, because it’s about deeply touching your partners spirit sensually and erotically trying to bottle the sexual energy that is passing back and forth between the two of you before it blows. That’s why!

I did actually look it up to find out more about it but all I read was blah blah blah spiritual blah blah orgasm and then I clicked on orgasm which took me somewhere c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e-l-y different and by the time I read that information I forgot what I started searching. Long story short, you stare at your partner until the creepy uncomfortable feeling dissipates, you engage in intimate touching everywhere but in their swim suit area. You continue to make them think you are about to touch them there but don’t. I don’t know about you but I call that a big fat tease! I’d probably blurt out “TOUCH MY NIPPLE!” something inappropriate! Honestly I don’t have that kinda patience. Touch it or quit making me think your about to!!

Tantric O’s…don’t we just want to know for sure we’re getting one? Really, it’s that simple isn’t it? Don’t you just want to grab it with both hands when it comes out of left field and have the damn thing. What-if and I’m not a what-if kinda girl but what-if after hours of almost having one you’re too tired to seal the deal? What a rip that would be. We all know that feeling!

I am going to relate tantric sex to food for a moment, we all love food! You know when you’re reallllly hungry and you want that awesome fish taco from Gibsons that you had a month ago. There has not been a fish taco like it since. You’ve had a taco, but it wasn’t like that one! In reality would you drive all the way to Horseshoe Bay hop on the ferry to Gibsons to have that outstanding fish taco that took literally hours to finally sink your teeth into? Or, would you be happy with a pretty damn good fish taco locally? You can think of that long journey as the tantric part of getting your outstanding taco. The anticipation leading up to it, great company, good conversation, the ferry ride, it’s all good if you have nothing else to do. So yes I see the point of tantric sex, it’s the journey you’re supposed to enjoy regardless if you get the fish taco in the end. You still had a fantastic day filled with stimulating conversation, if you’re lucky there was a little touching in your partners swim suit area. Or if there is a time limit…you could just stay home in bed and have nothing else to do BUT touch your partner in their swim suit area? Hmmm…a quandary for sure!

I think it all comes down to how much time you are willing to commit to your partner intimately. Do you want a unique connection with them? Are both of you open to trying something new? Tantric connections don’t have to be days long, it’s about quality time with your partner not length of time. It’s about intimacy and chemistry connecting on a much deeper level. I think if you really want something, you do what it takes to get it.

The bottom line is this…if you’re in the right mood, have the time and have intimate desires with your partner, I think the experience alone would be worth giving it a try. Tantric sex is basically about taking your time and most of us don’t take enough intimate time with our partners. It’s a form of meditation, staying focused on the person right in front of you. It’s about maximum passion, harmonizing your sexual rhythms enjoying the entire ride, not just going from point A to B.

There you have it, Tantric Sex, is it for you?


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  • Lawrence

    I find it quite amusing that you compared taco’s and sex. Touching one’s ‘swimsuit area’ is a cute way to describe the ‘nether regions’ as well.

    I love the humour in your sexual curiosities.

    I have never heard of tantric sex but I can’t imagine that a romantic like yourself, would never attempt to experience something as deeply connecting as this. Take my short, The Nude. Whether you draw or not, drawing a naked someone you have a deep sexual and emotional connection with must qualify as tantric activity. Although after 15 minutes or so of following their every curve with your drawing stick, it’s all you can do to avoid just crumpling up the paper and jumping their sexy, awaiting bones.

    I’ve never tried Yoga or meditation of any kind (although I have taken part in a Native Sweat), but practising these mediation forms, sitting naked in front of a beautiful, enticing woman I think would be worth the test of patience.

    So we have drawing one another. You could add massage. Washing each other down in the bath tub. A game of strip poker. Naked Twister. Back-to-back, flesh-to-flesh meditation, watch a romantic movie under a soft, down comforter – naked of course.

    Okay, what’s that? Half a day. Man alive the sexual tension is likely the highest it’s been since puberty but if you could make it through all of that and come up with a bunch of more ideas, I’d imagine the finale would be something extraordinary to say the least? And if after all that you fell asleep in one another’s arms without having sex, think of starting the following morning off, finishing what you started.

    Phew! Is it getting hot in here? Do men get hot flashes? Man alive.

    Sex after each ‘event’ would be a lot more fun perhaps, but it would be worth trying at least once.

    • Tracy Westerholm

      Lawrence…Okay I re-read you comment a couple of times…I really did have the most amazing fish taco in Gibson’s and have not yet had another like it!
      Swim-suit areas really cover all the bases don’t they!
      I can’t believe you have not heard of Tantric Sex being the romantic that YOU are! Learn something new every day hey!
      I think we have all had a connection that could squeak into the realm of a tantric experience, perhaps not days or hours long but sensually intense and intimate.

      I vote YES on drawing someone you have a deep sexual and emotional connection with as ‘tantric’. You being a great artist gives you that added bonus of being able to show this woman a very sensual picture you created…mine would be a stick man which might take away from the entire experience. 🙂 The Nude

      I have always wanted to go to a yoga/meditation type retreat where you were not allowed to speak for the entire weekend, which could turn tantric don’t you think…with the right person?

      You have great tantric suggestions and I think all would surely qualify and if not…whatever! lol

      To finish my response…I think falling asleep in in the arms of a man is the best way to end any evening, tantric or not! 🙂
      PS…I have to go turn my thermostat off now!

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