No One is Coming to Save You!

“No one is coming to save you. To give you permission. To choose you. To validate you. This has always been your job. You have to love yourself so fiercely that you have no other choice but to be strong for yourself, to fight for yourself, to be yourself, and to build yourself.”

Read that again and let it sink in for a minute. Does it make you feel empowered or alone. Defeated or encouraged. Do you want to stand up and fight or sink down a little further? If you feel defeated, that’s okay. Sit with it a little longer. Sink into the emotions you are feeling, but don’t become them. It may take some time so let them wash over you, then let them dissipate. You are not alone!

Contemplate where your feelings are coming from. It may take some soul searching to find your warrior spirit, don’t be in a rush, she will wait for you, no matter how long it takes. She has always been waiting in the wings and can be summoned at any time. I promise, if you sit with yourself long enough, she will awaken out of the deepest part of your soul. You need to understand that you don’t need to be with someone to make you feel whole. You are all you need and have the strength to stand alone, you always have. Release the burden of needing another.

What was it that brought you here? Have you been searching for someone, healing from a lost love. It doesn’t matter how you got here, what matters is that you are here! You will need to step forward and surrender to yourself, as you process what lies deep inside. You can share yourself without losing your personal strength. The key is to understand that you are enough, you are whole.

It will start to become brighter as you see the lightness when you let go. This lightness is so simple and pure, it radiates from the love you have inside. You haven’t seen this love for so long because you have given it away, to everyone but yourself.

It’s hard to imagine at first that after all this time of seeking another to make you feel worthy or loved or needed, that it was you who could make you feel loved worthy and needed. The strength and power of your own love, has always been with you. It was always you.

It’s okay if you struggle with it, I do too. As a Mother, you are so used to doing for others that you forget about doing for self. We often lose ourselves through the journey of Motherhood. You forget that you were once on this journey in life, on a path alone finding your way and you were just fine! You find a significant other and become dependant on their strength and lose your own.

I grew up being a hopeful romantic, waiting with anticipation of who would come into my life and make me feel like I had never felt before. Having the love of another can make us drift off our own path of loving ourself.

Be in love with you, and you will find the way to peace and contentment. Explore the never ending desires that wait for you, and whom ever you chose to bring along on this adventure we call life. Walk together, side by side, hearts entangled, enriching the path of the other.

No one is coming to save you, because you don’t need to be saved, you just need to feel the love you have within.

"Exploring the never-ending desires that fuel all life, while finding lyrical beauty in everyday happenings."

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