“Kiss You Good-Morning” ~

In last weeks post I started a list to see the Pro’s & Con’s in regard to being single. I conveniently ran out of time 😉 therefore not listing any Con’s…and looky here it’s a week later and I have conveniently avoided that post again. Hmmmm I say with chin resting between thumb and pointer finger, tapping pointer on my cheek. To be completely honest…I’m just not feelin it. I will trust my instinct and wait until I am ready. I am learning patience in my life right now and we all know timing is everything. Maybe next week I will have a list worthy of sharing…you can trust me, I’m good for it!

Go ahead and read between the lines if you like. I do have a list, I just don’t want my ‘mood’ to dictate it’s deliciousness…see even saying deliciousness has changed my ‘mood’ ever so slightly. I promise my list will be worth the wait!

Being kissed Good-Morning is definitely on my list!

Jake Owens voice and lyrics might get me into the mood to finish my post…

Jake Owens…(thanks for sharing him with me Tannia!)

Come back tomorrow and I will share with you a romantic interlude from my All Things Sexy and Silver website…”In the Light of the Moon” ~

"Exploring the never-ending desires that fuel all life, while finding lyrical beauty in everyday happenings."


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