Stepping into the New Year

We have all heard someone say “Don’t look back, you’re not going there.” I agree 100%, except when you are ready to step into a New Year and want to start fresh with no regret or negative energy. Looking back is not always an easy task, especially when you have struggled, mentally, physically, emotionally or all of the above!

2020 was a horrendous year globally, one we won’t soon forget. It will take dedication and hard work to put the events of this year behind us! I am hopeful that we can learn from it and move forward, albeit slowly for most of the population who has suffered great loss. As we navigate out of 2020 and step into 2021 we all need to put our house in order. Our mental, physical and emotional health needs a cleansing. A spring cleaning, mind body and soul, a reset if you will. Make sure you are crystal clear in what you want to leave behind and what you want to take with you. I suggest you pack light, there are difficult times still looming and it’s not over yet, but we can all do our part to stay healthy as we navigate our first few steps into a New Year! 

It can be therapeutic to look back as long as you sort through your thoughts and make some hard decisions of what brings you joy and what sinks you into the darkness. There is always a glimmer of hope if you look close. Cut the strings, toss out the old and lay your bricks down so you can ease into the next chapter. Put your focus on things that add meaning and joy to your life, you will see there are many if you acknowledge each and every one of them as they present themselves. Journaling can help you stay on track. .   

I have decided to make two lists this New Years Eve. I am taking inventory of what I want to bring forth and what I want to leave behind. 

This is not a resolution, it is a freeing of oneself! 

What I want to leave behind. 

Reflection: What events happened in the year that have changed you? How did you navigate them? What did you learn about yourself? How did you accept the outcome and move beyond it? When you reflect back, look for moments that made you feel connected. Focus on the moments that allowed you to grow as an individual. We have all had blessings throughout the year, they may have been overshadowed by moments of darkness but try to see through it. It may have been a simple, kind gesture a stranger made, hold onto it. What was your biggest struggle? Were you able to overcome it? What helped you? Who was at your side? Maybe you are still working on it, and that’s okay. There is no set timeline to seeing it through to the end. Some things will carry over into the New Year, and perhaps sharing it with others or even the Universe tonight, you can start to let go and try to find a sliver of hope, a silver lining in the little things that brought you joy. You are not alone. 

Gratitude: Find the lesson in what you have chosen to leave in 2020 and be grateful to have been given an opportunity to learn and grow in one of the most difficult times we have faced globally. We are resilient and we can get through this! We are all connected and we can all make a difference in the lives of others. With growth comes strength! Leave what no longer serves you behind. Express your gratitude and be brave enough to make the changes required to step forth into the new. 

What I want to bring with me.  

I relate this to when I went backpacking in Asia many years ago. I packed so heavy, bottles of water, protein bars, two pair of running shoes with a broken toe, a black felt hat and an all black wardrobe! I completely overpacked, and until I actually had to carry what I thought I needed, did I realize I needed none of it. I was not light or free walking the humid streets of Singapore, smelling the aromas that filled the air, I was not seeing until I sent it all home. My stuff blinded me from what was right in front of me.  

What you take with you should include a feeling of joy and love, memories of those who changed your life for the better. You should take with you feelings, the light ones that lift you. Leave behind the heavy ones for now. Take love, always take love with you, and give it freely. What makes you happy? What brings you joy? What do you need in your life, not want, need. Simplify. My first thought is family, warmth of a hug, a soft kiss from the one you love, a long embrace, toe touches. It’s so very simply really. We need to have human contact with our loved ones, spread joy to those we cross paths with and give what we can, and only take what we need. Always! 

Ritual: During a burning ceremony, fire is portrayed as a powerful symbol of knowledge, wisdom, purification and passion. The burning ceremony morphed from a religious ritual to become a way of releasing the past, negativity, old resentments, grudges, hurt, regrets, suffering, and focus on what is more significant to us. 

Call in your Divine Support, Spirit, Higher Self, God, the Universe, Spirit Helpers, your Guardians and Ancestors. Call one or call them all.

Ask the Spirit of the Fire to help you release what you no longer need and let go, ask the Spirit of the Earth to receive what you are releasing. The Earth is powerful and strong and can easily take what you are willing to give! Purge! 

Place each hand written note you wish to leave behind in the fire while you name what you are releasing, may it be pain, regret, hurt, negative energy, let it go! You can say it out loud or keep it to yourself. Either way, you are heard.

Blow into the fire, with the intention that the unwanted energy you are releasing is going out with your breath. Visualization is key. See it and recognize what it has put upon you and wish it well and let it go. Take a deep breath and release the energy it placed on you. 

To end your cleansing, thank the fire and put it out with the intention that you can no longer call it back. 

Give Gratitude to the Divine and the Spirits of all elements, Earth, Wind, Fire and Air. And step into the New Year a little lighter.

I wish you all a joy filled 2021, find peace within yourself and be what you want in your life. 

~ Tracy Westerholm

"Exploring the never-ending desires that fuel all life, while finding lyrical beauty in everyday happenings."

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