No Words Are Needed

What would happen if we turned off all speech for a time; if we didn’t allow words of any kind to escape our lips? What would the world be like if we lost all language?

Facebook would sure look different.

We’d still have music, just no lyrics. There could still be television but CNN would only be allowed to show video of politicians actually performing their duties and not just talking about them. Can you imagine how nice that would be?

We could wave at each other and hug each other, maybe even shake our fists at each other, but we couldn’t yell obscenities or even utter snide comments. You may be thinking about how sad it would be to not hear the words “I love you”. Yes, but we all know that “I love you” can be said with just a look or a touch. We’d have to show each other.

I don’t know for sure because I’ve never lived in a world without language, but I suspect it would be beautiful. I suspect that it would be a more peaceful world. Not because it would be quieter, although that’s a lovely thought too, but because we would all experience a richer, deeper insight within the silence. Our other senses would probably be heightened and our minds would be open to all kinds of inspiration.

Of course, I say this all by writing these words, by having my words deliver this message. I know we need language to communicate but it seems that it is more important these days to be heard than it is to listen. Being heard is important. I get that. It validates us somehow if we think we have been heard, but I also think so much can be gained from silently listening; to each other, to nature, to our own inner dialogue and to the silence in between our thoughts.

What is even more disappointing to me is that it doesn’t seem to be enough for people to be heard, they also must be right. Their way must be the right way. Their point of view, their opinion, their politics, their religion, the colour of their house, you name it, they have to be right. Preach, preach, grand stand, lecture, blah, blah, blah.

I know it is unlikely the world will ever be without words, and I for one would be lost without books, but it would be sooooo nice if we could all sit quietly for awhile and just listen…





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