Clever Logos

I’m a sucker for good marketing I will admit, but it has to be good. I can be swayed by a clever tv commercial or magazine ad, but… if an ad annoys me I will go out of my way to NOT buy the product which is why I will NEVER ever buy insurance from Aflac or Mucinex DM for a cold.

On the other hand, I’m truly inspired by some of the really really clever logos that have been designed with thoughtful artistic care. I’m especially impressed by the ones that have objects or symbols hidden within the design and that use negative space for subliminal impact. How cool is that? Here are some that I think are very clever:

FedEx has it’s hidden arrow. What? You’d never noticed that before? It’s right there between the E and the x. Clever.



The A and the I and the M and the S combined with the reflection create a fish. Clever.




Bison is the name of a band in Vancouver. Whoever designed their logo was super clever.



I’m not a fan of Bank of America, (I have my reasons) but it is clever how they incorporated the eagle inside the B and A.



The golfer swinging becomes the face of the spartan warrior. Clever!





Another raven formed in the middle by the three outside ravens. So clever.




Can you make out the bear climbing the mountain? Yep, clever.






Here are some more that I think are very clever and imaginative.

Amazon claims to sell everything from a to z and the arrow then becomes a smile. Clever.



Sun Micro Systems. No matter which angle you look at it, it always says SUN. Clever.



2011 – Year Of The Rabbit! So clever.





If this doesn’t give you a sense of freedom I don’t know what would. Very clever.





I salute you designers! Where do you tap into that creativity? I’d like to find the source.


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