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Bonnie writesI wrote a post featuring Shane Koyczan, spoken word poet, writer and music man, 2 years ago titled We Are More. That poem inspired a myriad of feelings the first time I heard him perform it and it does again every time I read it.

One line of We Are More stands out for me as I prepare to introduce you to Shane’s latest piece called To This Day:

“we live to get past what we go through”

We do. And we all do it in different ways. Such is the human spirit.

This time Shane writes about the experience of bullying. His personal experience and the experience of others. He knows of what he speaks. The pain you hear in his voice is real and the essence behind his words merged with the images are powerful. What an amazing talent and what an important message. Thank you Shane Koyczan.

About the “To This Day” Project

“My experiences with violence in schools still echo throughout my life but standing to face the problem has helped me in immeasurable ways.

I wrote “To This Day”, a spoken word poem, to further explore the profound and lasting impact that bullying can have on an individual.

Schools and families are in desperate need of proper tools to confront this problem. We can give them a starting point… A message that will have a far reaching and long lasting effect in confronting bullying.”

Please share far and wide. ~ Shane Koyczan


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