My Man is No Metrosexual!

Bonnie Johnson's PostMy husband and I are about to leave to go out for dinner.  I’ve been busy getting myself changed, make-up applied and hair put in place.   I haven’t paid any attention to what he was doing to get ready.  Apparently nothing, because while I grab for my coat I glance over to see what he is wearing and that’s when I notice his dirty jeans, the t-shirt with a hole in it and I see he’s just finished lacing up his work boots with the dry mud chunks on the soles.  That’s what he thinks is fine to wear to go out to dinner!  And the really sad part is that where we were going he could almost get away with it.  Almost.  I know he just wanted to be comfortable and he had just worked about 14 hours straight but c’mon!

We were staying at a guest ranch outside of a small rural town (no, I’m not saying where) and the ranch restaurant closed at 7:30pm.  We were the only two people in the whole place except for the staff.  This is no high end-valet parking-maitre d’-famous chef-type of place by any stretch but still!  I managed to talk him into different shoes but that was as far as I got.  I didn’t really mind this time, considering the surroundings, but there are times when I am more determined to persuade him into his “nice” clothes.  Nice equals no stains, holes, written words or pictures and definitely nothing dating back to the eighties or earlier.  The “nice” section of his closet is pretty small but we’re working on it.  I think he feels quite good when he relents finally and dresses up a bit.

METROSEXUAL 2 I don’t want him to become metrosexual either.  I don’t know what I’d do with a man that used more “products” than I do, took longer to get ready, shaved his side burns into thin lines that accentuated his jaw bone and stole my Vogue magazines.  Ew!  Ok, yes, if that man was David Beckham I actually do know what I’d do with him.  But you know what I mean.  I want my man rugged still but…well…clean…and not too prickly.

Trimming nose and ear hair – good.  Plucking between your eyebrows so as to not have one giant uni-brow – good.  Plucking or waxing your brows to shape them – not good.  Shaving or waxing more than one, no I’ll say two, places – not good.

terrence howardAnd man purses? If my guy ever started carrying one of those I’d…well after I stopped rolling on the floor laughing,  I’d smack him with it!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for guys getting manicures and pedicures and looking after their skin and hair.  (Way to go Barry! I can’t wait to see your new polish!) I’m definitely all for guys dressing in more than dirty jeans and t-shirts with holes.  I’m looking for the happy medium.  Not the cave man and not the narcissistic metrosexual either.  What do ya say hon?  Meet me half way?



15 thoughts on “My Man is No Metrosexual!

  1. So, is being well-groomed considered the same as being metrosexual?
    I like it when guys take an interest in their wardrobes and think about what they’re putting together, but only up to a point. I don’t want Gavin looking prettier than me. I like men to smell good, and that means I like a nice, subtle cologne applied after a shower. Not too much, though. I think, like anything, if it’s overdone it’s a turn off. Most guys should leave their eyebrows alone, in my opinion. Clean is good, plucked is bad.

  2. No, well groomed is not metrosexual. Metrosexuals just take it too far. They spend too long getting ready, usually have at least 3 products for their hair, shop for new clothes and shoes all the time and are generally narcissistic. They very well could look “prettier than you” although that would be very hard to pull off!
    One of the biggest turn offs for me is too much cologne. It makes me feel ill plus it reminds me of the eighties. Yuck!

  3. Well we all know I am not into Metrosexuals because disheveled is not considered Metro by any means of your imagination !!! The only important part of a mans grooming is personal hygiene for me, brush your teeth and put on some manly smelling pit stick. I am not really a fan of cologne either, ode de natural. I really hate hair product too, just let the locks lie as they may. Are you getting my vision clearly ! I love longer hair if you can pull it off and don’t mind the unclean shaven look on occasion unless were going to make out! I do however know a girlfriend who loves the Metro guy and think to each his own. Well now that I am all hot and bothered ! Thanks Bonnie….hmmmmm

      • You got it !!! I am hoping she gets her voice in this one, come on T give it to us!!! And yes Bonnie your right, tread softly…tee hee. I forgot to say I don’t mind the creative shaving on the face, it’s kind of unique and adds to their personality. As for cloths, I prefer none, oh here we go, I prefer casual but cool looking, I like a guy with simple style but not looking like he walked off a Marks Work Warehouse photo shoot, unless of course he is one of those construction guys who are working down the street….giggle giggle. How is my ad sounding so far! lol

  4. Hi-What a blog you ladies put together-even-little videos and all. Wonderful.
    Metrosexual-not too many of those in this little town. But I think it will be a bit of a challenge for me to spot one. Eyes open here. It could be sort of like bird watching! I’m on it. I wonder what percentage of guys are metrosexual? And can you be metro sexual living in a rural area? I think I only know ruralsexual guys!! I think if I were to spot a metro-sexual guy he’d be migrating through.
    Fun to think about.

  5. Men need to loosen up a little and get in touch with some of the feel good things us women have been doing forever. C’mon ladies we all know how great a manicure, pedicure, facial and massage feel so guys should not feel their masculinty is compromised by partaking too. We just need to get them in the door of the spa before they realize what hit them. Chances are they will actually enjoy it!!! We can only hope it will be a one time thing and they won’t feel the need to go every month. Now that may be a little too metrosexual for even me:)

      • I should also bring up how Handsome and Great John looked the night he met all of us for dinner after the Spa with the kids !!! His shirt was one of my favorite styles, casual un-tucked, yet fitted dress shirt! You have to admit he has it going on when he feels like it! He’s a real man’s man, rugged and natural! I know Jake will agree with me! smirk smirk! T xo

  6. Ok so I guess Im the only one that likes that. Im going to start to embarrass my ex and myself here but hey were all women…

    Guy I dated metrosexual for sure. He still is… Plucks eyebrows, shops all the time, shaves places that should not be named on here, Uses more hair products then I know were out there.. hair wax. Use gel for gosh sakes!!! Goes through cologne like its a bar of soap but smells soo good. Only name brands. Takes like 3 showers a day.. DOES HE NOT KNOW WE NEED TO CONSERVE?!

    None the less he looks so handsome when we go out. Our house use to be full of products and I never really had bathroom time to get ready..

    But enough I base other men on him, which makes it hard to find someone. I guess I just like the manscaped look.

    • You are absolutely right Jarod. I will be sure to make it up to him too…as soon as he changes out of his work clothes… 😉
      Going out for dinner, by the way, was not an option because we were away without my kitchen. Also, John understands my humour so I wasn’t really worried about upsetting him.

  7. You are one couple who I can vouch for that is actually “really” happy can we mention that…John deserves everything he gets from you and I mean that in a really really good way tee hee hee! Loved hearing Jarod stick up for him though, a stand up kind of guy I can tell! Thanks for your opinion Jarod !

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