Enjoy Your Here and Now

Dear in-the-near-future Me,

I know you are probably wishing you were back in Florida right now.  It’s only natural that you would miss the palm trees, beautiful beaches, warm weather and of course your son and bonus daughter.

I’m writing this to you to remind you of some of the details you have probably already forgotten.

While you were here for the past two weeks, you worked long hour’s everyday scrubbing dirty toilets, greasy ovens, and filthy floors.  You sprayed poison on weeds, dug holes and awkwardly crouched, bent over, in the extreme heat to plant new varieties of flora.  Your skin was pierced by sharp barbs hiding innocently on those pretty palm trees which then left their poison to swell your flesh in unattractive welts. Ants dined on your toes and mosquitoes dined on any open skin they landed on.  You kept one eye nervously scanning for the long black snakes you’d seen before you began digging and the big thick-as-your-arm snake you “heard” lurks near the edge of the yard. And although you never saw any reptiles while you worked, you did worry about the safety of the bunnies you glimpsed that one night grazing at sun down; you remember… the bunnies that you never saw again after that night.  Oh, and that dead racoon you saw in the lagoon probably died of old age.

Yes, the evenings here in Florida are hard to beat when the sun starts to dip down over the ocean and the sky turns brilliant orange and red and yes, it was amazing to see so many varieties of birds, but I must remind you that while you were here you were missing your friends and family back home too.  You were missing the beauty of Vernon and Okanagan Lake and sitting at the end of your dock watching the sun dip over the mountain while sipping a glass of wine.

So, I thought I’d just remind you to look around and enjoy every moment of being back home again, surrounded by a different kind of beauty.  You have different types of spiders and snakes to keep an eye on as well as racoons and copious amounts of deer to ooh and aw over.  Enjoy it all.  And, you don’t have to gag while you clean your house; it’s your dirt in there not someone else’s so it won’t be as gross to clean.

Florida is just as you left it, waiting for your Canadian winter to nip at your heels and send you back down here again.  In the mean time, enjoy your here and now. 🙂


Your not-so-long-ago You!






4 thoughts on “Enjoy Your Here and Now

  1. Here and now for me is tired from no sleep, too much on this chicks mind which lead to tossing and turning. Just as my mind said “enough” the honking in the street from someone young and dumb started.

    Here and now is pain in my shoulder reminding me that I’m not 20 anymore.

    There was a brief here and now that made me smile but it’s now a there and then…it was a 10 year olds soft feet touching mine in the middle of the night!

    I finally did fall to sleep wondering what he said…and just as I started to enjoy some real REM the little birds woke up and started to sing all getting ready for their here and now…

    If I could pick a there and then to go back to it would be sitting on the roof top with it seemed not a care in the world…

    Here and Now are so important, There and Then are good memories for sure.

    A nap here and now would change everything! There and then are looking pretty good right about now… 🙂
    Can’t wait to see you, glad it’s not here and now or I’d be sleepy but the thought puts a huge smile on this tired face…

  2. A nice reminder to enjoy the here and now Bonnie. if you were here last evening you would have seen a beautiful young buck wander across your front lawn on his way to the lake for a drink.

  3. So, sort of like the idea of “finding lyrical beauty in everyday happenings” – wherever your here and now finds you? : )

    I’d be worried about the critters coming out of the garden, too!

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