500 Years of Female Portraits

Bonnie Johnson's PostThe year my son graduated from high school I put together a video for him of clips from his school years, beginning with kindergarten and set to music.   I began the video by using each years school picture he had and overlapping and blending them from one year to the next.  I kept his eyes at the same place in each clip so that the effect was of his face structure changing and maturing.   It looked very cool to see his baby face develop into the young man he had become by grade 12.

I recently found this video that has used the same concept with portraits of females over the last 500 years in western art.  It’s so well done I just had to share it with you.  The fellow that created it is Phillip Scott Johnson (no relation).  His video was nominated for Most Creative video for the Youtube Awards in 2007.  However, these guys won that year.  Whatever!  I know  from my measly attempt just how time consuming and intricate Phillips video was to pull off.  He would have had my vote.  Youtube – If you are looking for future judges,  I’m available.

The sound track is performed by Yo-Yo Ma and is Bach’s Suite No. 1, BWV 1007 In G Major- Sarabande for those of you who understand that kind of music talk jargon.  I just know it sounds great.  Also if you want to know the titles of the art and names of the artists someone named Boni (again no relation) has gone to the effort to document it all for you on her web site.  And if anyone is interested in the video I created entitled  “James – The School Years”  you can purchase it from me for $29.99 – kidding! $9.99?     – still kidding!



3 thoughts on “500 Years of Female Portraits

  1. BONNIE!!!! I LOVE THIS!!! How can I keep a copy and have it running over and over on my wall???
    this must have taken the guys ages to put together, what with all the research and fine tuning involved! Genius! the transitions look effortless and almost like it’s the same woman from century to century. It made my day! And you did one for James?! I bet it looks awesome! That’s why you’re our Director of Vibrational Alignment, Technical and Spiritual Integrity!

  2. Heather just left this on my facebook wall and I thought it needed to be here…..

    OMG! that is AMAZING! Thanks.. that must have taken someone forever to put together! wow!!!! 😀

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