7 Things I’ve learned in Maui

Kaanapali BeachI’ve been in Maui a week so far and I’ve learned a few things since I arrived.

1.  If someone takes your suitcase by mistake and leaves their similar looking bag on the carousel, take it. Large gramma panties are better than no panties (actually that’s not true).

wind, hair and lipstick

2.   Strong gusty wind, hair and freshly applied lipstick are an annoying threesome.

3.   When hotel guests staying across the hall from you think it’s just fine to party outside your door until 2 am, you can find some pleasure in phoning them at 6am…repeatedly.

4.   45 sunblock only works on the spots where you actually apply it.

5.   It can get down to a chilly 60 degrees in Maui in February, but probably only when John and I visit.

6.   Humpback whales cannot swallow anything larger than a grapefruit. Phew!

7.   My husband thinks he’s Tarzan.  Woo Hoo!




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