Svaha Spirit Series ~ Step Into Liquid

Don’t you wish you were somewhere warm right now, basking in the sun, or sitting under a palm tree with a really good book in one hand and an ice cold drink in the other. Each time you look up there is peace and quiet all around you. When I feel like I need a holiday I find it helpful to watch movies that include the beach and surf. I just watched ‘Step Into Liquid’ the Dana Brown surf film, if you haven’t seen it, you should! It is one of the best surf documentaries I’ve seen. Every surfer that ever was is in it from Rabbit Kekai who has been surfing since 1927, Paul Strauch, Robert “Wingnut” Weaver, three generations of the August family, Blackie, Robert and son Sam.

Surfing isn’t just a guys sport, Layne Beachley who I saw surf in Maui along with Rochelle Ballard and Keala Kennelly can totally hold their own when they step into liquid along side the boys! Laird Hamilton is always on the edge of inspiring something new in the surfing industry and Jesse Billauer who I did a post on quite some time ago also grace this documentary. I couldn’t get the Dana Brown version but here is one mixed with some music that was awesome! Enjoy.


7 Things I’ve learned in Maui

Kaanapali BeachI’ve been in Maui a week so far and I’ve learned a few things since I arrived.

1.  If someone takes your suitcase by mistake and leaves their similar looking bag on the carousel, take it. Large gramma panties are better than no panties (actually that’s not true).

wind, hair and lipstick

2.   Strong gusty wind, hair and freshly applied lipstick are an annoying threesome.

3.   When hotel guests staying across the hall from you think it’s just fine to party outside your door until 2 am, you can find some pleasure in phoning them at 6am…repeatedly.

4.   45 sunblock only works on the spots where you actually apply it.

5.   It can get down to a chilly 60 degrees in Maui in February, but probably only when John and I visit.

6.   Humpback whales cannot swallow anything larger than a grapefruit. Phew!

7.   My husband thinks he’s Tarzan.  Woo Hoo!




Girlfriends Reconnecting

Glenda, Wendy and me!
Glenda, Wendy and me!

Background story:
We were all in our very early twenties when we were hired by CP Air in Vancouver and trained together to be flight attendants. This is a bonding experience all on its own. Add to that the company forced transfer to big ol’ scary Toronto where we had no family, friends or much money and a new job that was both exciting and terrifying at the same time.  Five of us crammed into a tiny apartment meant for two.  These were absolutely great times!
I have so many wonderful memories of those early days.  As time went on we grew in different directions.  Some of us were able to transfer back to Vancouver, some of us met men we married and stayed in Toronto (for a while anyway).  I left the airline eventually and it became more difficult to keep in touch.  For whatever reason, I drifted away from these good friends.  I often found myself thinking back on those great times and wondering how my friends were doing today.
Fast forward fifteen years:
I have re-connected with many friends from high school thanks to Facebook.  Yes, love it or hate it, Facebook is handy for looking up old friends.  So I decided to search Facebook for my flight attendant friends.  Voila! I found Wendy right away.  Wendy and I recently caught up during a great evening sharing appies and wine.  We both felt like we simply started up where we left off.  Trust me, there were no awkward silences.  We were up yakking into the wee hours of the morning.
John and I are in Maui right now and it just so happens that Wendy and another room mate of ours from the good ol’ days is also here.  Wendy and Glenda both worked a flight from Vancouver to Maui last night so we were all able to get together in paradise today.  How great is that!
Sharing great memories and a piece of your past with good friends is truly a gift.  One that I plan to hang on to and cherish.

Thank you Facebook.