Human Touch ~

Skin on Skin…there’s simply no better feeling than the touch of another human being. The light gentle stroke of the index finger following the natural curves of the body like a brush across a blank canvas, painting with sensations that move us! Touching the exposed skin of another human being is something so pure and blissful. The plump little cheeks of a baby or the curve of a women’s breast, are equally inviting to touch. Lose yourself with me for a moment right now and remember a moment when human touch brought shivers up your spine…

The moment we’re born our senses come alive. Sight and hearing develop slower than touch so the feeling of love and touch merge as one, a sensation so strong it’s remembered forever. We simply don’t thrive or fair well without it. From that moment on we use touch to expand and unfold, learning through feeling and being curious by nature. We watch and learn from our parents to see how they touch and interact. Affection is infectious! We mimic what we see. I saw and experienced deep love growing up, which I am forever grateful!

We crave the touch of another human being throughout our lives. It’s such a powerful sense that bonds us to one another. Touch adds a spice that flavours the union between the male and female energy. Touch is communication without words. It stimulates feelings. It reassures, relaxes, comforts, arouses, reduces fears and anxieties and dissipates loneliness. It can be more powerful than hearing the words…”I love you.” 

We hold back our touch when our children enter their teens, thinking it’s not welcomed. They naturally pull away trying to sort out their surging hormones. It’s never easy to let go of our babies. If touch is held back for too long, they begin to feel starved and look elsewhere for that human contact they so desire. Touch may not occur as often as parents would like, but even brief moments help us stay connected.

When girlfriends are affectionate to one another, it strengthens their bond. Simply touching the hand of the elderly can send a warm unconditional feeling of love throughout their entire body. Animals are not exempt when it comes to touch, they thrive when we give them our love.

Falling asleep with your partners arms wrapped around you…touch. Wake up looking for them with your hands, feet and body…touch. Subconsciously getting drawn back into them when you drift apart during the night…touch. Human touch is craved when we are without it for too long. We yearn for the powerful feeling it sends from our core to the tip of our extremities. It can be hard to resist.

Spend the rest of the day conscious of who you touch and how it makes you feel. I guarantee your warmth is not only felt but accepted and embraced with an open heart.

We explore the world with all of our senses but touch is the ultimate sense. An act of love, a way of communicating without words.


Bejewelled Brazilians!

Brazilian WaxI was chatting with some girlfriends waiting for kids to come out of school and the topic found it’s way to one Mom who just had a Brazilian wax.  If this is too much information for you or you find this offensive I suggest you “Blog-off.” lol (as Bonnie would say) Not everyone can easily talk about topics such as this.  I can.  I don’t find anything woman do to feel sexier about themselves offensive, so I will continue.  I certainly won’t be offended if you turn the page, but do it now.

Glad your hanging in here with me.  This is just my take with a humorous twist that is here to inform those who are no so adventurous as the ones who are already equipped with this information.

This friend is one of those woman who can talk about pretty much anything without feeling even slightly uncomfortable.  She is curious (to say the least) and is who she is and embraces that.

So here we go.  She had her girl parts waxed or how I understood it, the entire pubic region clear cut…everything, front to back!  I am not sure I want to look 11 again.  I still remember the first time I saw a girl  who was older than me with hair down there, I couldn’t believe it, I know I stared.  I didn’t have any yet and felt awkward. (we shared a bathroom stall)  I will admit I HATE shaving and do it begrudgingly.  I have never had a Brazilian and don’t believe I ever will, but never say never.  It’s interesting to me what woman are willing to go through to feel sexier.

Up until this graphic conversation I couldn’t imagine how painful, awkward and embarrassing a Brazilian experience would be.  It’s not something most woman do research on, or want to talk about.  Now I know exactly what takes place!  So here goes…Brazilian Wax

When you arrive with your red face you are given a wet towelette to freshen up your soon to not be privates.  If your on the shy side you can ask for or they may offer up a paper g-string.  The wax-er for lack of a better word, may ask for you to assist in holding skin taut.  You will be contorted into several awkward positions, holding your butt cheek up in the air and crouching on all fours to get right in there by your you-hoo, yes most people have hair there.  If you arrive with that 70’s bush don’t be embarrassed if the wax-er brings out a weed whacker to give you a trim, you only need a quarter of an inch of hair for the wax to grab onto.  They start in the front and move to the rear, as in end.  If they don’t get every hair, and they don’t, they bring out the big guns I mean tweezers and start plucking the strays that hung on for dear life.  This makes me feel itchy just thinking about the re-growth!  If your wondering how long it lasted until you get a case of the itch, it’s approximately 3-6 weeks depending  if your a hairy monster or not.  Take the forest away forever and I’d entertain the thought.  Apparently if you stop shaving and only wax the hair doesn’t grow in as lush each time and you get better results every time.  Less hair = less pain.

If Brazilians make you feel sexier then wax away.  To each his own.  I was told there is a great place downtown Vancouver called The Sugar Box where you can get your ‘landing strip’ dyed a different colour and while your at it ‘bejewelled’ too!  Sounds adventurous!