Black Heart, Red Heart or Meh…

bonnie laughsIt’s almost that time of year again so I did a search on Google for the following:

People who hate Valentines Day – 93,600,000 pages
People who love Valentines Day – 988,000,000 pages
People who don’t care about Valentines Day – 166,000,000 pages

So I guess the lovers win! Good for them. Me? I mostly fall into the “don’t care” or “meh” category. By the way, 166 million pages all devoted to “I don’t care”?! Wow people, we need to get a life.

To me, Feb 14th is Tracy’s birthday, and that makes it special but it is not a special-once-a-year “love” day and I definitely do not expect or want a box of waxy chocolate in a heart shaped box or a dozen roses you have to take a second mortgage out in order to buy.

I also did a search on Google for Valentines Day gifts and got a ridiculous amount of absolute silliness like a heart shape photo pillow, an acrylic poster print, and a crystal key ring, to name a few. Yep, things we all yearn for.

Do people actually take Valentines Day seriously? Should they? To each his own, or to own his each. I say, just have fun with it!

valentines stupid gift
Don’t. Just don’t.
That’s one way to put it I guess.
candy under wear
Every twelve year old boy’s fantasy?
Every fat ol' rednecks fantasy?
Every fat ol’ rednecks fantasy?
So romantic!
So romantic!
This goes too far...way too far.
Because nothing says love more than funeral arrangements.

Well, there you go. In case you were stuck for gift ideas. You’re welcome.

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  • Tracy Westerholm

    Oooooo Kayyyyyy! Well then…If I HAD to pick something from this selection it would have to be the candy bra NOT the g-string, that’s just so wrong in so many ways! The beef jerky…ewwwww! I need to go floss just thinking about it!

    I wonder if anyone has EVER bought the sweat shirt and lasted to the next Valentine’s Day as a couple? hmmm

    Funeral arrangements…howwwwww romantic!

    I met a girl today who was also born on Valentine’s Day and we had a giggle together, now I know three of Valentine’s babies!
    It is the perfect day to give birth to a child, but really everyday is special when a child is born. xo

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