What Woos You?

Physical attraction and eye contact with someone new can be pretty powerful but you eventually have to speak. Communicating without the physical aspect can also stimulate the senses but you eventually have to meet. What seals the deal for you when it comes to accepting a date with the opposite sex? What woos you? Intrigue is first and foremost for me. Words create intrigue capturing the essence of who they are. Can you be wooed by words alone? If they are a true reflection of the person who speaks them I think it’s an extraordinary start.

What draws you even closer to the opposite sex after they’ve intrigued you?Β Physical appearance is what can turn our heads or grab our attention initially, as can words, but what keeps our attention after that? Capturing someones interest is the easy part…keeping it is the challenge. We are all unique in what attracts us to the energy of the opposite sex just as we are also roused by different words and actions.

Great conversation stimulates the mind but can too much deep intellectual colloquy start to make you crazy if it’s the only word play you engage in. I don’t want my mind to be so exhausted that my funny bone has fallen asleep. A man that can make me laugh-out-loud woos me just as easily as one who makes me question my beliefs.

Being wooed by the opposite sex can start with a feeling thats origin is unknown. It’s just there, waiting to be touched. It isn’t just physical or mental stimulation. It can start with flirty banter and lead to conversations that make your mind sail with even the slightest breeze.

The root of all attraction is based on a feeling followed by desire, it IS that simple. The only way to expose the chemistry that may lay beneath the surface of words or physical attraction is by standing in front of the object-of-your-desire. It’s either there filling the air that swirls between you or it’s not.

Being authentic is the best way to woo the opposite sex. Not everyone will respond to who you are but when someone does sometimes words are not necessary or enough.

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  • Bonnie Johnson

    I still feel wooed by my husband after 14 years together. Sometimes it’s his voice on the other end of the phone, sometimes it’s a look across the room, sometimes he isn’t speaking or even looking at me but I feel a little flutter in my stomach when I look at him.
    I’m not sure that “wooed” is the right word for what passes between us now but I know that sometimes I feel like sighing a big “woo!” when he is with me. πŸ˜‰

    • Tracy Westerholm

      Indeed a voice can put a woman over the edge even if the words spoken are a grocery list. πŸ™‚

      I love what you and your man have. I look forward to it…

      I completely agree! It’s one thing to have an incredible chemistry sexually with your partner but to be on the same page when it comes to humor is so important. I can’t imagine my man not thinking I’m hilarious to be with. Laughing aside from bonding intimately is the BEST medicine and a must for any partnership in my world to go the distance.

  • Laura

    If someone makes me laugh, a real and sincere laugh, I am wooed. I think it shows you are on the same ground with someone if you share the same kind of humour and find the same things funny. It also makes it much easier to want to be with them.

  • Jane

    Tracy you are such a romantic never change. I have been told for years that I view life through rose color glasses and I wouldn’t want it any other way. You light up a room when you enter with your lovely smile, personality and laughter. I repeat never change. xo

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