Speak the Truth…

I can’t help but admire a man who is willing to take a chance and share his truth. It’s refreshing. I love the male energy as you all know. I have had quite a variety of man-friends throughout my life and love each and every one of them because of how easily they are able to speak the truth to me. They simply are who they are. Our friendships are easy and uncomplicated.

We have learned to sugar coat the truth when it comes to certain topics because lets face it, sometimes the truth hurts. Nobody like to hurt the feelings of another so we mix in a little white lie here and there to lessen the blow. There is a time and a place for little white lies but when it really counts the truth is always best. The truth hurts most when our Ego rears it’s ugly head. If we can ignore our ego we don’t take things so personally. When we step back and view things from a distance without our Ego influencing feelings from our heart, we become more open and honest which leads to acceptance of ones truth. We all have ego’s but if we can keep them in check or ultimately get rid of them life would be much easier.

We have learned over time to add layers to our truth complicating it each time and so it’s sometimes difficult to peel them off and see what really lies deep beneath our coat of social acceptance. I find the truth to be an incredibly attractive quality in a man. It shows he has confidence in who he is and what he wants out of life, essentially giving up control. A man who can speak the truth is allowing things to just flow as they should, not worried about time-lines or selfish needs. He is thinking of the well being of others. Exposing our personal truth makes us vulnerable, especially to those who don’t know us very well, that’s where the confidence comes in. Speak the truth and allow others to decide what they want to do with it.

Words spoken from the heart are raw and untouched not yet influenced social behaviour. They are unique to who releases them. Sometimes the truth hurts, but at least we are given the opportunity to see the real person who speaks their truth which leads us to ours.

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  • john wheeler

    Hey, I’m not gonna lie…wait, (do over) — this IS about truth. So, in a world of hate, violence, mistrust, and all the other things against all that SHOULD be good for mankind… I’d like to say that honesty is something that nobody else can take away from you..whether you call home in a toasty warm refrigerator box filled with blankets to the best, most lavish sexiest bedrooms on the planet (yes I stalk you and your posts on FB) You are still honest IF you posses it. How do you gauge honesty?? Just automatically doing what’s right without thinking much about it when nobody else is around. Of course some things you want brutal honesty…. especially when it comes to relationship building. NOT to be confused of course with accusatory rants that do nothing to contribute to a healthy relationship. The honesty isn’t all about the spoken word either (in my opinion) …ya know the actions speak louder than words thing? Yes that…. Ok I ramble but your post(s) strengthen me.

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