The Nude by Lawrence Thomas

TracyWe all meet certain individuals that inspire us to reach our goals.  Lawrence Thomas inspires me to reach mine.  We met through Twitter, and a conversation started simply because he wrote about football, A Beautiful Night for Football, I thought he might know a friend of mine who is a Football Commentator.  He didn’t, but we started to talk and found we had quite a lot in common.

Lawrence has a passion for words.  I love getting lost in words.  I admire Lawrence for his ability to express himself so openly.  I love his style and that he too is a hopeless romantic at heart.  I posted “Love is Forever” which he wrote and shared with me last year, the timing was, lets just say I think I was meant to read it, it felt like a gift to me.  We were simply meant to meet, maybe never in person but our paths were meant to cross.

I am very excited because Lawrence has released The Nude, a story he wrote which I had the honor of reading and LOVED!  When a writer can make you forget everything while you are immersed in their story, it rubs off on you.  I have had the desire to write a romantic tale for sometime and after reading “The Nude”, I have been re inspired to continue following that path.

The Nude by Lawrence Thomas

Excerpt from The Nude~

I look up from my sketch pad to see her standing in the stucco archway. My eyes are so enchanted by her tall, slender, silhouette as she enters the café, that I scorch my tongue taking an overzealous swallow of my Latte. I am absorbed by every curve of exposed skin, from the small of her neck, to the arch of her feet.

Her long, tanned legs glimmer in this sultry summer heat. She wears a tight fitting tube top, and a wrap-around skirt. Sandals with a slightly raised heal show off the camber of her well-defined calves as she stands before me in three-quarter view. Her undulating hair, a silky brown, is gathered in back around a red pencil.

I turn to a fresh page, and begin to draw her as she takes a seat in front of the open window. She slides off her sandals, and removes the pencil, allowing chestnut waves to cascade just past her bare shoulders. Her legs crossed at the ankles. I begin my sketch at the near perfect arch of her lightly tanned feet. The sun shines in through the empty window frame and casts shadows over her that I could never attain in the forced light of my small studio.

I sense that she feels me drawing her.  Perhaps she thinks of me gliding my Conté,  my charcoal drawing stick, up her leg, around her round, firm buttocks, and ascending the arch of her naked back.  Carefully capturing every curve, every crevice.  Does she take pleasure in the touch of my fingers softly shaping her features?

by Lawrence Thomas

Thanks Lawrence for giving me inspiration as a writer to try my hand at something new!  And for allowing me to share your writing here on Tara Cronica once again!  I look forward to the next!

To purchase the story in it’s entirety visit Lawrence’s website Lawrence Thomas Stories & Poems.

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  • Rick

    Great Stuff ! Yes a true romantic indeed ! Lawrence’s writings are fabulous ! He’s raw and powerful…. I love it ! I’ve been reading him for a while now. I agree with you whole heartedly !

    Thanks For Sharing This !
    I Can’t Wait To Read Whatever It Is You Have In Mind…. You’ll make a wonderful romantic writer !

  • Lawrence Thomas

    Tracy, what can I say. Thank you. I am truly touched. You, Jacuie and Bonnie all inspire me.

    It is an honor that I have been able to share this special space with you ladies on a couple of occasions now.

    I am thankful to that I have ‘met’ all of you, including Rick who is a wonderful supporter of all of us. With every word of praise, you all touch my soul and inspire me to continue on this dream path.

    I too look forward to the romantic tale you have up your sleeve, Tracy. As Rick stated, I also know you will be an amazing romantic writer.

    Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart.

    • Tracy Westerholm

      You are so Welcome Lawrence, you truly inspire me with your writing. I will share my space anytime with you, just let me know when and it’s yours ! You brightened my day! T 🙂

  • Bonnie Johnson

    I think its wonderful that inspiring and supportive people are connecting through this medium.

    It’s so cool to get to know others we may never have come across if it weren’t for blogging and social networking.

    Here’s to successful writing and inspiration!

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