Svaha Spirit Series ~ Kenny + The Jetz!

I love listening to music. There is only one thing better, listening to music when you know the music makers. Kenny + The Jetz…I’ve known Kenny for years and love the man! He rocks on and off the stage! Kenny’s voice is so sexy it makes your knees weak! You can’t help but love who he is! Patrick Booker…witty and dry, just the way I like my sense of humour, he resonates the oldest and most obliquitous musical instrument…the drums! Chris Beach knows just how to vibrate the strings of his guitar…charismatic to the tenth degree, say no more! Andrew plucks, slaps, pops, taps and thumps the Bass, don’t know him but he’s dishevelled looking and you know what I think about that look! Hi Andrew, nice to meet ya!

You have to admit they’re a handsome bunch! I envy anyone who can create music. A friend of mine told me “Music is how feeling sound”. Great quote…Great Band!

Click on the link if you would like to check out more on of Kenny + The Jetz onĀ B.C.’S Home of Independent Music.

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"Exploring the never-ending desires that fuel all life, while finding lyrical beauty in everyday happenings."

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