Svaha Spirit Series ~ Happy Easter ~ Jib Jab

Happy Easter Everyone! I can’t help myself with Jib Jab…I know, I know it’s completely silly and childish. Lawrence you had to know you would be in this Jib Jab after joining us as a Guest Blogger on Tara! You’re a really good dancer! lol

Happy Easter Everyone from all of us at Tara Cronica. I am going to try to just eat carrots this year and not even make eye contact with the little Purdy’s chocolates the bunny brings. I don’t dare even try the Dove chocolates Bonnie keeps talking about!

What’s your favourite Easter memory? Mine was when I was about 5 years old and I saw the Easter Bunny hovering outside my bedroom window at dusk with a jet pack on his back right under the street light. I swear on my life!

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