Stargate Universe Airs Tonight @ 9pm !!!

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Tonight’s the night we have all been waiting for !! Stargate Universe has arrived! The third Stargate TV Series following Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis from the creators Robert C. Cooper and Brad Wright.  I attended the Stargate Universe screening on Saturday at the Rio Theatre, it was Outstanding! The cast and crew were in the house!  You’re in for a treat!  Congratulations to every single person who worked on the show, your hard work paid off!  It was great to see familiar faces that go back to the original series Stargate SG1.  Andy Mikita you Rock Baby!!  I miss you guys!  The show feels different, it’s edgy, sexy and because it’s new there is so much to sink our Sci-fi teeth into.  I love that the cast is completely fresh,  but it was also nice to see Rick Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks and Gary Jones make an appearance.  You can’t help but feel inspired being in a room full of creative, artsy, talented individuals.  Talent in every single department! Stargate Universe Cast

I spoke with a few members of the cast and saw a few from afar after the show and this was my first impression.  David Blue~  funny in and out of the show, Jamil Walker Smith~unpredictable in the show, very humble in person, Brian J Smith~ strong character, very handsome, Alaina Huffman~ more beautiful in person, loved her character, Ming-na~ very petite, polite and has beautiful kids, Elyse Levesque~ legs that go forever.  I thought it was really fun to see ‘Scott Wellenbrink’ on the screen too, your hard work showed and your construction crew did an incredible job building everything we saw!!  Way to go everyone !

If you need a guide to explore “Stargate” the book below looks like a winner!  Enjoy!

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