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The-Whittingtons-300x209 10407872_10152072469157032_6170729355099373110_nParenting is one of the most rewarding yet challenging trips you can take. It teaches us patience, understanding and allows our heart to grow bigger than we ever imagined. Love never runs out!

This story made me smile from the centre of my being! I LOVE this family! If we had more accepting human beings in the world we would all learn to reach for the stars more often! Ryland Whittington’s story is the epitome of truly loving unconditionally and most importantly listening to the dreams and wishes of your child. We need to allow them to follow their instincts that are deep inside of who they truly are.

Sometimes, life requires us to question our pre-existing notions and norms of what we were taught. It requires us to truly think about what’s important to us and what really matters. We hope you find this story as inspirational and touching as we did.”


"Exploring the never-ending desires that fuel all life, while finding lyrical beauty in everyday happenings."


    • Tracy Westerholm

      Thanks for your comment! I don’t know much about the ‘medical’ side of what is in store for anyone who feels the need to change form one gender to another but I do believe at any age our kids deserve to be listened to and accepted for what they choose. If this beautiful child does actually decide to go ‘all the way’ with this I am certain there are guidelines and age restrictions as to when it is even an option.
      As a parent I would also support my kids on the path they choose to walk. In the end it is an individual decision that needs to be made. I would be interested in knowing the actual facts as to how many do follow through and are happy with their choice, and how many kids fall to suicidal thoughts not having the support they needed to do what their hearts tell them.
      Just my humble opinion 😉
      Thanks again for taking the time to leave your voice!
      Svaha ~

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