My Kids Survived Another Summer…barely!

Have you ever thought of putting your kids on Craigslist? This summer I actually sat down and wrote an ad…just for fun *wink.

“Two kids free to ANY family. Both need constant stimulation. A horse and NLL lacrosse star within arms reach would be a huge plus. Neither can quite finish any task for some unknown reason…but close. Constant supervision is mandatory. Attitude adjustments are required regularly. Money tree in back yard would eliminate the tedious whining. One sleeps till noon, the other is at your side the second your eyes open. Can only be in the same room together for 3 min max until the little one says “Jessssseeee donnnnn’t” and the big one says “wooooooow” and then all hell breaks loose. Taxi and maid service would be handy. They come with a dog they don’t walk that’s out of control…but really cute and loves to dig” (and then I realized I was dating! ) “I thought you had kids?” “Ya (insert long pause here) I did…” Not sure how that might play out!

My girlfriend Carri offered to have her daughter join the ad suggesting we give the two girls to the same family since blended families seem to be so popular (her daughter is 1/2 Filipino which = super cute)…then both my kids walked in my office and said “Mom, you’re the best Mom on the planet” and I loved them once again more than life itself. Their intuition is right on track! Moms just want love and affection and 10 minutes in the bathroom without hearing mom, mom, mom, mom through the door.

Anyone with kids the same age will totally relate. Parents of younger kids, all I can say is don’t judge, karma’s a bitch!

My daughter’s umbilical cord reattached to my womb over the summer. It happens when we spend lots of time together. I am NOT complaining. I remember getting the same feelings about my Mom as the summer came to an end. I couldn’t live without her throughout the year let alone after spending all day and night with her for 2 months. I got homesick at the thought of her being in another room. I can relate to my daughter very well.

I am taking every single hug and kiss I can get knowing that these moment are fleeting. My sons has a couple of years on his sister so he is at the age of loving his freedom…ahhh freedom remember that. He is awfully love-able for 13 so I can’t complain. I take every lingering boy hug I can get. I try not to make a big deal of it so it last longer. If I don’t move maybe he will forget I’m hanging on for dear life! He has his hormonal teenager moments like the rest of them that don’t go unnoticed but I have learned not to take them personally. He simply needs to flash that irresistible smile and I melt. Moms and their boys…sigh. 🙂

Being a Mom has been one of the best experiences I have ever had hands down. I’ve learned over the years to let go and allow my kids to grow. They have learned to be independent which has given them both confidence. My job now, it to just be there for moral support and teach them by example. (that is definitely questionable at times but hey, at least I’m honest!) I don’t mind telling you though it’s a bitter sweet time for me. I love spending time with my kids, they are incredible little human beings but I too have a life I need to reacquaint myself with in-order to be a great Mom!

Happy September Everyone! Enjoy each moment making memories with your little humans!






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  • Bonnie Johnson

    You are too funny! I’m really glad you decided not to run the ad…but I would have been the first bidder if you had though. Your kids are great and I would have definitely gone for the bonus half Filipino girl too. 🙂

    Yesterday brought back so many memories for me. The first day of school for my own son and all my own “first days of school”. Everybody looks so shiny and eager on the first day.
    It’s fun to watch the kids in our neighbourhood heading back to school. Many seem to have the eager look of “this year will be my best” and some just look like they still needed those extra two hours of sleep but they all have their new duds and new back packs on.

    My favourite part was the brand new everything, pencils, erasers, binders, notebooks. A clean slate! (metaphorically speaking…I’m not that old!) The excitement of seeing old friends (and that cute boy might be in your class this year). Fun times!

    • Tracy Westerholm

      I’m glad you think so Bon! lol

      You make me smile with great memories of my school days Mom 🙂

      I loved the first day back at school each year for a different reason! But the one constant was always the school supplies for me as you know. The shopping for them was like Christmas! I could walk around Staples for hours still.

      I had to smile this year because Jesse wore brown cords on his first day of grade 8, I wore brown cord…overalls on my first day of grade 8!

      Fun times for sure! Love reliving the excitement through the kids!

  • Allan

    Hello Balmoral alumni. I tried to send you a message through facebook but for some reason you have disabled the messaging part. Well anyways, what a pleasure in finding you again! Speaking of Gr. 8. Wow, that was when I had first noticed you. It was a couple of years later that a tragic accident took away a student/friend of yours in Lynn Valley. It’s amazing how you’ve come along. I remembr when you worked at Save OnFoods and that Miss World pageant. Wished you had known you better. Cheers.

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