Life is meant to be shared ~

“I just need to find someone to share it with” is what I keep hearing from those around me. I can relate as I’m sure many of you can. Life is meant to be shared. Sharing it with friends and family is incredibly fulfilling but finding a partner to share it with intimately seems to be a quest of many. Need is maybe not the right word. I’ve struggle with this word at times. In the past I’ve associated need with weakness. “I don’t need help, I am a self-sufficient strong independent woman who can do anything.” Hearing that back doesn’t sound the least bit weak although it’s said with the intention of not wanting to appear weak. (and I can be slightly stubborn at times) There is nothing weak about wanting to share and explore the beauty of life with an intimate partner. The trick is finding the right one.

As a woman it’s hard to balance independence and strength without losing your femininity. Women naturally want their man to take care of some of their needs. Some of us even have the burning desire to be save by a man. I need to be saved from myself I think. At times I think I am only attached to this world by a thread, I often find myself floating away to my world which seems in no way a reality.

I think until you allow yourself to be vulnerable in life you don’t really experience all life has to offer. There is nothing wrong with wanting someone or needing someone in your life as long as you’re not dependent on them. That’s when obligation and expectation step in and wreck everything in one clean swoop! When you lose your independence you give away your strength. Balance is so important in life, yin & yang.

Want is perhaps not as scary as need“I just want to find someone to share it with.” I think there are life experiences we need to have that strike a cord within us that make us move to another level. And then there are life experiences we want that enrich and allow us to grow as individuals. Feeling vulnerable is not an emotion everyone is comfortable with, I’m certainly not. When you’re ready to open yourself up and be vulnerable, real passion in life begins. Passion is something in my opinion that needs to be shared. When you have real passion for what you do you can’t help but inspire those around you.

I was in the company of my parents on the weekend and their chemistry after 60 years together is still in the room. They found someone to share it with and somehow manage to keep from floating away making their passionate love a reality. It is possible. I’m looking for that someone who will feed my soul, not my ego. Who will let me float away when I need to but will reel me in from time to time to balance my fairy tale with reality.

We all want to share a part of our life with someone. It doesn’t have to be all at once, it can start with bits and pieces until it feels right to share more. It’s not a race. It’s about timing and letting go to allow your life to just be.

We as human beings like to share. Elation, can’t help but be shared. Love yearns to be shared. Desire burns if not shared. Inspiration is wasted if not shared. Music is created to share. Lust comes undone when shared. Peace wants to be shared.

Life is meant to be shared…


"Exploring the never-ending desires that fuel all life, while finding lyrical beauty in everyday happenings."


  • Janice Molson

    Hi Tracy,
    Love your openness and I think your are “right on the money” with this insight.
    Yin and Yang is my belief too…..the universe is about balance. That being said…..we must experience pain and suffering in order to embrace love and elation….It sounds cruel but it doesn’t have to be as harsh as the interpretation of the words.
    My favorite Ghandi quote:

    “FEAR is the thief of dreams”!

    When we are afraid of the unknown and unwilling to step out of our comfort zone then we limit our opportunity for fullfillment of the ultimate human ecstacy in all areas of our lives.
    Be strong…Yes…Be independent….Yes…..In today’s society…protect what you have worked so hard for…..but share your most amazing and most valuable assett!

    Don’t worry about what might happen- Good or Bad!

    For without one the other is not attainable!!

    Believe in yourself and only say and do what you can live with within your own set of morals and values….

    Also remember that we are all human and not infallable…..When we make a mistake or something is perceived inacurately then make an attempt to repair the unintentional damage! The ball is then in the intendeds court to make a choice with….and you can sleep with a clear conscience knowing that you gave your best effort within your limitations as a human being…..
    When we open up our true selves for all to appreciate then the right people are magnetized to us whether as a ‘teacher’, ‘friend’, or ‘life’ partner and soul mate!
    Life is “Work”!
    But we don’t have to choose to make it hard work!
    “Be the change you wish to see in the world”
    Thanks for your post Tracy…I really enjoyed your sharing this….. 🙂 <3

    • Tracy Westerholm

      First and foremost Welcome to Tara Cronica Janice!

      Wow what a great comment! Thank YOU for your insight.
      Love the quote from Ghandi “Fear is the thief of dreams” isn’t that the truth!

      I think it’s necessary for all of us to do something out of our comfort zone every now and then just to feel what its like. It can be exhilarating!

      Don’t worry about what might happen- Good or Bad! YES living in the moment and just floating down the river to where you are meant to be…love it!

      Yes we are human and learn from our mistakes and as a friend of mine said “sometimes his mistakes produce the best results” so it’s all good!

      Thanks Janice your voice is welcome anytime! 🙂

      P.S…thanks for pointing out my typo with Yin and Yang 🙂

  • Rick Rae

    Hmmmm …. I needed you to share this today. Did I ( want ) you to share it ? No, I needed you to share it. You just made a differance in my life just now ! Thanks for that.
    I don’t think there is one part of this well written post that doesn’t pertain to men as well …. ah, except for the ( man to save a women ) part of course. Which I don’t believe is true, possibly just ( wanted ) by some. As you put it. There is such a huge diffrance in ( Need ) and ( want ) in my oppinion. Most of us ( all ) of us usally ( want ) much more than we ( need ) and we just don’t realize the diffrance between the two. You say that these wonderful things are ( meant ) to be shared, that’s what works ! When are we to have that specail person come along in life is a whole differant story. I suppose if we don’t look to hard …. ( want ) to much for that person to come along in life …. we may find them sooner, not to sure …. but it makes sence to me right now. At least someone I consider to be intellagent told me that a while back.
    Feeling or showing that you are vulnerable can be really scarey if you have experianced a relationship where the other person takes advantage of you sharing that emotion. I think thats why ( we ) both men and women don’t feel comfortable sharing it.

    Well Written, Well Said, Made A Diffrance !

    Thanks 😉

    • Tracy Westerholm

      You are such an amazing man and I thank you for leaving your male voice once again here on Tara. We love to hear from you as you always have something positive to say and enlighten us with your words.

      I strive each day to make a difference in someones life, one of the reasons I am here writing on Tara. Thank you for sharing with me that I made a difference in yours.

      It was a man who actually inspired me to write this post not a woman. When I told him how great his life was, his reply was…“I just need someone to share it with.”

      Love your point that we all want much more than we need. That has always been a pet peeve of mine. Human beings (not all) tend to take much more than they require. Gluttony! The fear of doing without, when in fact not many of us ever have had to experience doing without anything.
      If everyone only took or used what they needed and not what they thought they were owed or wanted there would be more for those who actually do ‘need’ it.

      They say you meet ‘that’ person when you’re not looking but I don’t think it’s that you’re not looking but that you let go of any expectations of who what where when and how you will find them. Just be…

      I don’t think there is one human being on this planet who has not been scared to be vulnerable. We have all had someone take advantage of our kindness and break or crack our hearts. I have. But that doesn’t completely stop me from wanting to take that chance again…I tend to jump right in with both feet and then once I let go I freak out a little and try to step back but by then it’s too late! 🙂

      Thank you again for sharing your voice Rickr! xo

  • Bonnie Johnson

    I agree…life is meant to be shared. It works best, I think, when you can truly enjoy your own company first though. Be completely comfortable in enjoying life with me, myself and I, then watch how a perfect match appears. Magic!
    Bozo, above, makes a good point too!

  • Ryan Ennis

    This is the most eloquently and heart felt piece of writing I have come across in a long time. I have no words to improve on this other than, thank you. I have few needs these days, I have many wants. They are all meaningless in the grand scheme of things. All I know is I want you to find your wants and you already have all you need. As do I. But I want more, and need nothing. But I want everything. I’m a bit drunk right now. Life is good.

    • Tracy Westerholm

      Thank you Ryan…
      My wants are mostly based on feelings. I want to feel my life. Passion, love, elation, desire, lust, peace. I crave the feelings that get stirred up inside when you really live life with no fear. Completely open and vulnerable. It’s powerful…overwhelming at times. Your words have always inspired me and left me contemplating my life and how I can get more out of it. Life is good! xo

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