Jesse’s Story…a Mark Jacobs’ Billauer Documentary

I found Jesse’s Story while surfing Facebook.  I loved the powerful message it has and wanted to share it with you.  I absolutely LOVE Documentaries.  We can learn so much from real people who face challenges head on and rise above their egos and conquer their disabilities.  The Jesse’s among us are really living!   They are the ones who put life in perspective for all of us.  Thank you Jesse for sharing your story with us !  And thanks Paul for posting it on Facebook for all of us to see.

Jesse’s Story opened the Malibu Film Festival to a standing room only crowd.   At the awards ceremony, Director Mark Jacobs received two festival awards, Jury and Audience Prize for Best Documentary 2009.

Jesse’s Story chronicles the life of Jesse Billauer, a gifted athlete with unlimited promise.  This is not a surf film, it’s a film about inspiration.  Tara Cronica is all about inspirational stories.  Jesse’s Story is a tale of a young man who in a tragic surfing accident at the age of 17, severed his spinal cord, he now lives life as a quadriplegic.  It’s the story of how his life changed forever.  As news spread through the surfing community of Jesse’s accident, many of his would-be competitors came to his aid.  With the help of 9 time World Champion Kelly Slater and Hurley team member Rob Machado, Jesse devised a way to get back where he belonged, in the water.  A great example of  how ‘Community’ can work together to help others.

This is a story of a determined young man who succeeds where others might fail.  He doesn’t give up or give in, he accepts his path and continues down it with determination.  The film features captivating childhood footage taken by his parents, an emotional account of that fateful day at Zuma Beach by the surfers who saved his life and ultimately Jesse’s return to surfing.  Director Mark Jacobs has spent more then twenty years in the film and television industry.  He spent over eight years working on this film alone.  Jacobs said “Within the first five minutes of meeting Jesse, I forgot he was in a wheelchair and was truly inspired to live my ‘life to the fullest.’  It’s for that reason I chose to spend eight years of my life bringing the story of Jesse Billauer to audiences.”

The documentary stars Jesse Billauer and features, Christopher Reeve, Jack Johnson (one of my fav’s), Ben Harper, Bob Hurley, Rob Machado, Kelly Slater, Shane Dorian, as well as a host of friends and family.  Written, Directed and Produced by Mark Jacobs, Jesse’s Story is a Zzyzx Films Production.

Check out the link below to see more inspiration from Jesse’s Story~


Jesse’s Story


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