Challenge Me…


What makes certain men feel the need to challenge the words or actions of the woman they find attractive? It would be so much easier to just go with the flow and agree, let them have their way! If men would simply give us what we want, life would be so much simpler for them…wouldn’t it? I am pretty sure there is a label for that.

Thankfully there are men out there who beg to differ. These intellectuals won’t allow any woman to manipulate their minds, regardless of how well she has learned to bat those lashes. It goes against every cell in their body to let anything slide for the sake of an easy ride. These men feel the need to peel away our layers, exposing our intimate thoughts, leaving us standing naked feeling vulnerable. They want to know what we have deep inside.

When I was much younger I was always attracted to the energy in the crowd who paid little attention to me, a youthful challenge. It was the chase that was the exciting part back then. As I’ve aged and become wiser, a challenge still stimulates my senses but it’s definitely no longer about the chase. It’s about playing for keeps! Whether or not I am challenged intellectually is what keeps me wanting more. Stimulate my mind and my heart will follow.

Every now and then we meet our match. These male energies make us think about what comes gushing out of our mouths. They question who we are, how our brain works and why we believe in certain things. They are not afraid to ask the question and expect an answer. These men make us grow and unfold, evolving within our own existence! They’re not your regular Saturday Night Special! They stand alone and are willing to put it on the table if asked. They have no fear. These men are the risk takers, the seekers of something special. They are willing to go the distance. They want more from us than we are usually willing to give. They are the ones who ruffle our feathers from time to time and make us re-evaluate what we stand for. They know how to encourage us to reach higher.

A man who can make you re-evaluate your doings or simply your words, is a man who isn’t afraid to stand by your side when life gets messy. We all need to be challenged in our lives to reach beyond what we have found comfort in.

Challenge me…

Tracy ~

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  • Dahlia

    Isn’t there a perfect example of what you say in the recent marriage of George Clooney? He had his pick of endless bimbos with beauty and bodies, but what was missing? The sexy intelligence of Amal. It is not so much a challenge as a taking of her place in his life. As an equal. There can be that challenge, but it should not be competition. Ego has no place in a lasting relationship. It is always one for the other, never one above the other. How a woman’s brain works can be an intriguing and lifelong question for her partner, and she has no need to answer that question.
    Nice writing again, Tracy.

    • Tracy Westerholm

      Dahlia again, welcome and thank you for leaving your voice on Tara! I agree with you there is no place PERIOD for Ego anywhere in our lives, it only triggers selfish situations that lead us no where positive in my humble opinion.

      I love “one for the other, never one above the other” crucial for a relationship to flourish. I think your partner should have the ability to raise you up and support you, making you be a better you!

      Svaha! T 😉

  • John wheeler

    As the main character in the “all about me show” in my younger years we as men place intelligence on the back burner when it comes to how we interact with women in our lives . Pursuit for physical happiness overshadows realistic Opportunities to solidify a long-lasting relationship built on better communication …. We as men don’t really figure this out till later in life . Anyway, great read Tracy.

    • Tracy Westerholm

      I think part of aging and gaining wisdom teaches us what is most important as we unfold and evolve as human beings, conversations, intellect and how compassionate we are in regard to others. Self importance falls to the wayside, thankfully along with the Ego for some. Having said that we are looking for different things in our 20’s and 30’s and as nature would have it, when we search for a mate we are looking naturally for the best one who will carry on our name and genetics.

      I like where I am now, mid life celebrating who I am not wondering but knowing, and being comfortable in my own skin more now than when it was what most would associate with ‘at its best’ 😉

      • john wheeler

        Honesty, loyalty, communication what can be so hard about that???? I’m older and somewhat happy these days. I look forward to my “alone time” but the yearning for companionship, communication and the sharing of life events are strong! I think I am prepared to accept being alone to finish out this stage of life but not happy about it…so what puts my mind at ease is the willingness to (hopefully) keep bad unbalanced people from entering into my life.

        • Tracy Westerholm

          I simply don’t do drama or involve myself with negative human beings. I too have resigned to the thought I may be alone for the rest of my days here on earth with the exception of my family and friends and am okay with it. Alone is not the same as lonely 😉 Life is meant to be shared and I do hope I find a great man to share life events with as well, up close and personal. I won’t settle for someone who doesn’t fit what I need, someone who balances my life. I am open and willing to let male energy into my life if they have the values I have, can make me laugh and most importantly carry on an intellectual conversation, I dig smart men. At the end of the day I am looking for nothing more than a feeling…thanks for your comments John!

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