Chakra “Wheels of Light”

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Years ago I used to meditate which always made me feel grounded and balanced.  I meditated to clear my chakras or energy centers.  I consider myself a spiritual person but over the years I have neglected to do the basics, deep meditation.  I am not talking about the kind of quick fix meditation I do while running or riding my motorcycle but meditation where I am focused on my energy centers individually, with no distractions.  Meditation is like anything in life we choose to do, if you don’t take time to do the work, you don’t reap the benefits.  I have decided I need to meditate because I can feel myself getting out of balance.  I know this is true when my mood or attitude makes no sense to me.  I need balance!

What are Chakras? Chakras are the body’s energy centers. The term chakra is Sanskrit for “Wheels of Light”.   The body has seven main chakras:
1st Chakra (Stability and Security) – Color is red and is located between the genitals and anus. This chakra is termed your “root chakra.”
2nd Chakra (Creativity) – Color is orange and located between your navel and pubic bone. This chakra is termed your “sexual chakra.”
3rd Chakra (Power) – Color is yellow and located just above your navel. This chakra is termed your “solar plexus chakra.”
4th Chakra (Compassion) – Color is green and located in the middle of your chest. This chakra is termed your “heart chakra.”
5th Chakra (Intention to Create) – Color is blue and is located in the center of your throat. This chakra is termed your “throat chakra.”
6th Chakra (Intuition) –  Color is deep indigo blue and located on your forehead between your eyebrows. This chakra is termed your “third eye chakra.”
7th Chakra (Spirit Connection) – Color is white violet and is located at the crown of your head. This chakra is termed your “crown chakra.”

What Do I Feel When They are Out of Balance? When your chakras are out of balance, you may feel like you are in a rut, as if your life were put on hold, but you don’t know why. You may feel less than optimal, less energetic, less healthy. The chakra that may be out of balance can reflect itself in your life in areas of your body where it is located.

Why Do I Need to Balance My Chakras? When your chakras are balance, you may feel mentally clearer, more energetic, more creative, healthier. Chakra healing comes through balancing your chakras. There are many different modalities that can heal, clear and balance your chakras. Reiki, meditation, sound, light, color and essential oils are just a few of the modalities available for chakra healing.

Now that you know what each chakra represents you can take the test by following the link below to see what you need to meditate more specifically on.  I took the test and I have to admit, my instinct was right, I need to get back to some basics and meditate more.

Chakra Test


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