Use it or lose it! Your voice that is…

Bonnie and I reconnected in person last week and while we were chilling out together we both mentioned that we didn’t have any topics to write about. For me that is unheard of, not because I love to gas off all day long but because I am always ahead of myself, I like to be prepared! I have plenty of posts in our ‘drafts’ file but I have to be feelin it to post it. Bonnie has always been able to write last minute, she’s great under pressure, me, not so much! Jacquie has also been known to leave her post until an hour before, I envy that!

We wondered if we had both succumbed to bloggers block? I started to surf a few facebook pages to get some ideas and one caught my eye, Billie Mintz. He is the film maker who was behind the video I posted for our Svaha Spirit Series~ Surviving the Treatment: The Return of Myles McLellan. I don’t know him personally and I don’t usually request friendships with anyone I can’t reach out and touch, but I asked him because he not only intrigues me but he really uses his voice to make change and yes, he’s kind of easy on the eyes, but mostly he intrigues me! A comment left on his page inspired me to write about those who are afraid to step up and use their god given voice to make change.”What are you so afraid of?” I think it’s mostly because of fear, fear of being heard and then what? You actually have to back up what you have said and unfortunately, in my humble opinion, those who are afraid in the first place are those who haven’t really formed an opinion to start with, they follow everyone else. They cruise around on the ‘opinion coattails’ of others.Β 

I’ve also noticed that most people feel more comfortable following the pack, they don’t want to rock the boat! I am starting to get so frustrated with these sort of people that it makes me want to tip the boat over! Make them sink or swim, for crying out loud form an opinion, speak up! I know it’s hard to be different or stand on your own when it comes to opinion but I think sometimes its necessary! Who cares if anyone else agree’s with you, it’s not about that, it’s about being confident and able to express yourself to others regardless of what they think! It just feels good! It’s empowering even!

I get that we need both leaders and followers, the world would be chaotic and have no balance if it were made up of just one or the other! Sometimes people follow simply because they are easy going and really don’t mind having others make decisions for them, but if you follow because of insecurities you need to step out of you comfort zone speak up.

Are you a Leader or a Follower? Do you express yourself honestly even when you can see you are standing alone? Do you do what others suggest even though it’s not what YOU want to do? Or do you opt out because it doesn’t fit into YOUR idea of what’s best for you? If you express yourself with good intention, your opinion will be respected and you will be heard!

Use it or lose it!

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  • Me

    Your blog today brought back some memories. When you were younger, and didn’t agree with us you would disappear into your room and write a list. Then come out and go down the list one by one to argue/discuss your point. You usually won most points. So I would say your a Leader. lol

    • Tracy Westerholm

      lol I remember doing that! I didn’t really want to argue, unless I was really passionate about it, I was really in it to be heard or to challenge you as I am experiencing with Jess (12 year old) right now, I admire him for the same character trait! He already on several occasions has made a very valid point and all I can respond with is “You got me there!” lol And I love a GREAT debate! I remember seeing the looks on your faces when I came out with my list! lol love you xoxox

  • Billie Mintz

    I have been watching and reading the previous thread about Myles. Its really amazing to see the potential of a story, a message and the voice of a boy who is no longer with us, have the ability to resurface and touch people. amazing to see how our voices are so unique, yet when sounded together can heal others. I really dont focus on the solitary journey (although I am reminded of it sometimes) of being someone who expresses themselves. My teachers, Myles among them, have taught me that sometimes you need to stand alone in order to be heard but that voice will attract the people you need to stand with.

    Thanks for the acknowledgement

    • Tracy Westerholm

      Isn’t that true, “sometimes you need to stand alone in order to be heard but that voice will attract the people you need to stand with”, but in order to do that you need to have the courage and confidence to stand alone to start. I admire anyone, regardless of their opinion, who has this and uses it to stimulate a change whether in opinion or otherwise. Thanks for joining us Billie! πŸ™‚

  • Bonnie Johnson

    (Warning: The comma button on my keyboard just broke so you may be frustrated by my sentence structure.)

    When I was a young teenager and had only been friends with Tracy for a short time this was one of her assets that impressed me. I was too timid with my opinion unless I knew you well but she was never afraid of sharing her own. I learned well from you didn’t I Tracy. No one can stop me now! Ha ha!

    I also think it comes from confidence and age. People later in life tend to trust in themselves more and really know who they are and simply don’t care if they rock the boat anymore.

    Can’t wait to see how tippy the boat gets when we are in our eighties!

    • Tracy Westerholm

      The boat will have been tipped over for many many years by the time we are in our 80’s! lol I agree it does come more easily the younger at heart you get! It’s about knowing who you are and once that happens your voice just blossoms!

      I just had a hard time saying the ‘O’ word! lol πŸ™‚

  • Cheryl

    I totally agree. The thing that frustrates me is how people are so afraid to be honest and tell the truth, or say what’s really on their minds! What’s the big deal with honesty as long as it isn’t hurtful?

  • jacquie

    I can’t say I’m a leader or a follower. Sometimes I feel like following and sometimes it just feels right to lead. It really depends on the company I’m with and what the group dynamics are.

    I think you always have to weigh out each situation separately and decide if honesty is going to have any affect. Sometimes keeping your opinion to yourself is necessary. I don’t mind if the boat gets rocked and my opinion is the cause, but only if I feel there’s a point to it all, and it’s not just to stir up trouble.

  • Samantha Mattersdorfer

    I like to think I am a leader. I rarely follow. I agree with Jacquie that sometimes you need to keep ones opinions to yourself. I also believe though that you should exercise your right to free speech. I don’t often think that you always have to give your opinion because some people may ask but they really only want you to be on their side. It may be hard when you disagree and instead of being hurtful I think you need to think about how your opinion might affect the relationship between the person asking for opinions and the person giving there’s.
    I dont like causing rocking the boat (again agreeing with Jacquie) but I will if it’s something I believe in.

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