The Whole Journey, Life Itself ~

This post is for Rick, one of our much appreciated regular Tara followers! Rick continues to use his voice by giving us his male point of view and we appreciate it. He’s very passionate about life and the meaning behind it. He asked me on my bio page to tackle the topic, The Whole Journey, Life Itself. At first I was overwhelmed at just the thought of having to put down my view because it felt so vast a subject, bigger than me! But when a seed is planted and time passes, something eventually starts to grow! When I run I process all the little things that have been slotted in my subconscious, this was one of them. Here goes…

The Whole Journey, Life Itself ~

I think that at some point in every human beings life the thought or contemplation of what the purpose of life is, enters our mind. Why are we here? What happens when we leave our bodies? Do we believe in angels, the devil, guides, after-life or reincarnation? Nobody really knows for sure why we’re here, or where we go after-life, but we can all speculate on what we think happens. Religious beliefs are a personal choice. Everybody has unique ways of supporting their religion or spiritual beliefs. Regardless of what you believe or wish to believe, you can’t be guaranteed something that you have not experienced yourself. I suppose that is why it’s called faith. Regardless of who your God or Source is, if you have faith in something, it somehow makes the time here on earth more meaningful.

I personally think that the whole journey and life itself all comes down to what we accomplish while we are here. It’s about the time between A, birth, and B, death. It’s the dash that is between your birth, for me 1963 to your death that counts. It’s not about what materialistic items you can accumulate along the way, how big your house is or what your job is, it’s about knowledge. It’s about making a difference, enrich the lives of those you encounter while on your chosen path. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a teacher helping educate children, building movie sets, cleaning houses or a policemen keeping us safe, as long as you are doing something each day to contribute to the world we live in. What matters is that whatever you are doing, you do the best you can.Whether your wealthy or penniless, you are able to make a difference.

Each soul is here to learn something unique to them, each having a different journey in life. I do believe we are all connected, an energy, where this energy originated from, I am still unsure. I like to believe that there is more purpose to life than being human or I simply don’t see the point of living a one time only existence. It’s about knowledge and sharing that knowledge with those also seeking it. Sometimes I wonder if I am on the right path and then simply ask myself if I had nothing, absolutely nothing but my friends and family, would my path change? The answer is no, I would be doing just what I am now, trying to inspire, gain knowledge, enrich the lives of those around me and maintain my moral fibre. Who I am will not change regardless of my doings. If being here on earth for this one life is it, then we better get started on making that difference so that future generations can also have the opportunity to enjoy what life has to offer. We all have a conscience inside somewhere, we just need to experience doing the right thing to make us aware of how strong it can be.

So for me Rick, The Whole Journey, Life Itself is all about knowledge and doings.

And thanks for planting that seed!

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  • Lawrence

    Beautifully said, Tracy. Rick has become a good friend to me as well, and I love that he challenges us and inspires us with his kindness and support in how we are contributing to our time here on earth.

    I am not sure this is directly related, but the fact that I immediately found this story after reading this post, I though I should share it here. It’s a great example of just how short life can be and the importance of taking charge of our own destiny.

    The Article:

    Her video:

    Her website:

  • Rick

    I’ve waited patiently to read this. Tracy, my hat is off to you. Your Courage to take on the challenge to write about the subject of “Life Itself … The Whole Journey ” has inspired me to follow in ( trying to be courageous as well.)
    I am inspired almost every time I go to the Tara Site, but this time more than ever before ! Not because you took on the challenge to speak on this subject, but because you are absolutely right …. It is bigger than us, but we are all a part of it.
    As you know I am a believer in God. I am not to push what I personally believe in down the throats of others, but I am to be a living example of what I believe in. To make a difference, to love and care about not just those whom we like and appreciate in our lives,but to care about all … even those we don’t appreciate.
    You are so right …. what would we be like if we had nothing materialistic in our lives ? Would it change us ? Would we be the same people we are right now ? I sincerely hope so. The theory “he / she who dies with the most toys wins “breaks my heart, it’s all so Not About That.
    When we leave …. when we are done here, how many lives have we been ( used as a vessel to change ? ) That’s what life is all about, in my humble little opinion …. and a little opinion it is, nevertheless needed in the big picture as we our all tied together in the eyes of God.
    I am impressed ! To say the least. What a wonderful voice you have. Thank – You, not just for today’s post …. but for ( All ) the posts and topic’s I have had the privilege of reading on this WONDERFUL SITE !
    Thank – You as well to Bonnie and Jacquie ! Together all of your opinions and subjects inspire and help me to continue on my Journey. It will be an extremely happy day when we all realize ( together ) how much we need one another in this great big world in which we dwell for now.
    You mentioned our conscience ….. you right there too, follow it …. If it feels right it is …. If it feels wrong it is ….

    Keep Up The GREAT WORK !

    • Tracy Westerholm

      Thank-you! I accept and embrace each person who enters my life unconditionally and without judgment of what they believe. I think what’s more important than ‘what’ they believe is ‘they do’ believe in something. Your encouraging words are heard!

      • Tracy Westerholm

        I find it interesting that when we change our header April being “Finding Lyrical Beauty in…Life” (created by Bonnie) we seems to subconsciously talk about what’s up there! ‘The Whole Journey, Life Itself’ is a fitting way to end the month. Just wanted to share that! Tomorrow our header will ‘change’ once again (my creation) so we will see what our topics through the month of May will lean towards! T

  • jacquie

    I have no idea what the meaning of life is or what the whole journey is supposed to be about. It changes constantly. I haven’t been in a particularly philosophical mood these days but that could, and will, change, too, I’m sure. I just know that when I help out or do things for others, the more enjoyment I get doing the many things I like to do just for me. I know there’s a message in there somewhere.

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