Past-Present-Future = Now!

When will we learn to let go of our past? Now is so much more important. Why is history so important to some of us? Does it keep us in our comfort zone? I think so. Years ago a relationship I thought I’d let go of kept seeping back into my life. Just as I would forget and move on it would reappear somehow. Was it the hopeless romantic in me wanting my fairy tale ending? Was it the Universe testing me? Unresolved romance? It can be hard to let go of what was then and concentrate on what is now. Does anyone else relate to this? We can sometimes live in what was. The key is not to get ‘stuck’ in our past especially if it wasn’t a healthy one! Fortunately mine was.

No matter how good you recall a relationship was you moved on or they did for a reason…right? Or was the timing just not quite right? Do we only remember the good? Is that so bad?

I’ve learned first hand that when you focus on the past you stay in the past preventing you from seeing what’s right in front of you. When you bring the past into the present is that living in the Now? Technically maybe and that’s fine if your past was good. If you bring negative energy into the now your just recreating more negative energy.

When you look back do you feel any regret? Do we like to revisit our past from time to time to ensure we have moved on without any regret or do we slip back into what was? I have small regret but nothing on a grand scale that makes me cringe thankfully. Maybe that’s why I like to float back in time.

I love my past and maybe that’s why I have a hard time letting it go at times. I think past, present and future are all good. I think we all like to revisit our past from time to time. It can be a healthy part of our life. I certainly wouldn’t want to be stuck in my past. Being able to balance our past with the present is ideal. Holding onto elements of where we came from helps keep us grounded. Looking back on where we were tells a lot about who we are.

Life is about learning. We need life experience to have growth and unfold as human beings. As long as we move forward in life I think it’s all good. Sometimes I think it’s beneficial to step back in time if for no other reason than as a reminder of how far we’ve come. Our past is what makes us who we are in our present. Any way you look at the past-present-future they = Now. And there is no better place on earth than right here, right now ~

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  • Jane

    Very good post Tracy. I think the past brings back memories, good and bad that is life. I like to remember the good and leave the bad behind. Looking to the future is an exciting part of living. Treasure each day and spend it wisely. The future and dreams will unfold naturally.xo

  • Rhonda Ennis

    Oh so well put Tracy! I think sometimes it is good to allow the past to step into the present for a moment to show you that you were right to move on. That way you can live without regret. One door closes and another opens, it’s up to you to walk through.

    • Tracy Westerholm

      I totally agree! I sometimes visualize a long hall with nothing but doors, as I walk past them they fly open! It’s up to me to choose which to step through at what time! I want to go through each one! Sometimes we don’t close the doors behind us, we leave them open a crack which allows our past to seep back in to our present! 🙂 That’s not always a bad thing!

  • Bonnie Johnson

    I used to worry that you spent too much time looking back at what might have been, wondering if it could still be, but now I know you have learned to appreciate what was and you are looking straight ahead. Rhonda said it perfectly. You have let the past step into the future a few times and you’ve always concluded that your choices were right. No need to second guess yourself. Full steam ahead! xo

    • Tracy Westerholm

      What will be will be…right Bon! I can only just be who I am true to myself living in the moment. I can’t worry about things anymore that I don’t have control of. If you look at that in a positive way I also don’t know what’s right around the corner for me. Really exciting when you think of not having any control over your destiny or future, at any given moment it can change. I’ve learned you need to just take the path of least resistance! Float down the river, no need to paddle the current will take you to where you are meant to be!
      HUGE SMILE! xo
      Life is what you make it!

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