What’s in a name?

Since birth I’ve officially had four different last names.  (Almost five, but I don’t talk about that one.)  The changes came from adoption and marriages.   My son has a different last name than mine now which kind of makes me sad.  When he was born his father insisted on two middle names for him because he thought it sounded more regal.  Whatever floats your boat!

I adopted a cat named Spencer and I kept his name because it really suited him.  He’s all black with a white chest and paws and looks like he is wearing a tux…very Spencer-ish.

We also now have a black dog.  All black.  No other markings anywhere on her.  And so we called her Spot.  We just thought it was funny.

My husband was born and raised in a small town in central BC called “100 Mile House”.  It was so named during the gold rush days when it was a supply roadhouse along the Cariboo wagon road from Lillooet (mile 0) which happened to be 100 miles away.  There is also a 70 Mile House, 150 Mile House…you get the picture.  I lived in 100 Mile House for eleven years and loved every minute of it.  It’s a wonderful place.  I just thought they should have used a little more imagination on their name, but who am I to talk.  I named my dog Spot.

Back to my husband.  He was given the name John when he was born.  Nothing unusual about that right? Except that his last name is Johnson! To be fair to his mother, he was the last of four children and I think she was simply too tired to get creative.  Interestingly there are more John Johnson out there than you’d think.  I just Googled his name and came up with almost fifty million entries!

But the icing on the cake, the part that makes me giggle every time I think of it, is the fact that my husband, John Johnson, recently admitted to me that when he was a kid he had a cat named…wait for it…yep, it was named John!


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  • Carmen

    Thanks for the giggle – I have also had 4 last names! And you intrigued me with the “almost five” – were you engaged at one point?? I told Chris about John’s cat and he mused, “So when his mom yelled, “John!”, the cat would come running?” haha

  • jacquie

    When I started modeling in high school I wanted to change my name to Thierry Laurent! How silly was that?! LOL! Then I read that double consonant names tended to be more successful in showbiz, like Suzanne Somers and Farrah Fawcett (so 1970’s) , so I figured I’d stick with Jacquie Janzen. Never crossed my mind that maybe I should STUDY to be an actress! What a dork.

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