What makes you sweat, laugh and dance? Zumba!

My friend and neighbour, let’s call her “Lozz” (cause I do) talked me into going to the same ladies gym that she goes to.   In fact I also go to the same personal trainer and the same hair dresser.  I hope she doesn’t think I’m stalking her.  Imitation is the highest form of flattery right?  Anyway, our gym offers a class called “Zumba”.  I had no idea what it was all about but I liked the look of the posters.  Hip and fit looking girls and guys dancing and having fun.  I was curious but not enough to actually go to a class and check it out.  Lozz and I both said at different times that we wanted to go and see what it was all about, but sometimes I need a push.

A few weeks ago I went to see my massage therapist, Pam.   It turns out that she is one of the Zumba instructors at my gym! Kismet! I had to go now!  So I called up Lozz and asked her if she was willing to try out the class that night with me.  She was, so off we went.

The class is basically an hour of dancing to Latin or Latin- influenced music.  There was some Gypsy Kings, Shakira and even Ricky Martin as well as many I’d never heard before but all with great pulsating rhythms.  We  lined up in front our instructor who faced us on a raised platform.  There is no vocal instruction.   You watch the moves of your instructor and follow along…as well as you are able.  At first I was nervous because I thought I’d be all left feet, trip up and look foolish.  And I was in the beginning, but it didn’t matter because everyone feels like that when they start and no one has time to look at what anyone else is doing anyway.  It’s an hour of one great song after another.  All you have to do is dance.    It involves incorporating some traditional Latin dance moves like the Salsa, Samba and Merengues as well as modern Hip Hop and at times even a little Bhangra and Egyptian like moves thrown in.

As I’m imitating some of the moves of our instructors I’m aware that my 40 something body isn’t looking exactly like her sexy 20 something body and I have to giggle.  I catch myself thinking “If my husband could see me now” and then “If my son could see me now he’d be horrified!” and that makes me laugh out loud.  It all adds up to so much fun and one of the best workouts ever!  I’ve never sweat so much at the gym and at the same time enjoyed every second of the work out.  Is this really a work out?  Their tag line is “Ditch the work out, join the party!” It honestly does feel more like a party!

I highly recommend seeking out a Zumba class in your area.  The word ‘Zumba’  is  Spanish slang meaning  “to move fast and have fun”.   I’ll say!



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