What Makes You Feel Grounded

Bonnie Johnson's PostI think it is really important to ones well-being to feel grounded.  If you do not feel grounded then you feel out of balance, stressed, harried and scattered.

When I was in my twenties and early thirties I often felt like I was ungrounded.  Life just managed to pull me in too many directions at once.  My trick to get back to feeling grounded in those days was to go and stay with my grandparents for awhile.  They always lived in out of the way quiet places and their life style was slow and calm.  It felt so good to melt in with their pace for awhile.  Now that they are both gone I have had to come up with other ways to feel grounded.

I think being grounded means that our body and mind are integrated and to accomplish that it’s important to take yourself out of your own head a bit.  Most of us live too much in our heads and lose awareness of the rest.  I’ve discovered a whole bunch of different ways to feel grounded again and here are a few of my favourites:

1.  Notice nature.  Even little things like walking on the grass barefoot, studying a spider at work in its web, watching a robin pull a worm, playing with my dog, etc.

2.  Hanging out with my best friend.  Talking or not.  Just being with someone you know so well and trust completely can be very therapeutic.

3.  Cuddling with my husband.   Feeling love wrap around you…can it get any better than that?!

4.  Meditating.  Breathing deeply and focusing on nothingness.  Can’t feel scattered when you do that.

5.  Exercising to great music.  That’s why I love going to Zumba class so much.

How about you Jacquie and Tracy?  What makes you feel grounded?


In high school I remember being introduced to basic psychological concepts having to do with maintaining mental equilibrium and what could happen it they were to suddenly disappear.  We all intuitively accept that when we go to sit on a chair it’s going to hold us up.  We have implicit trust in the structural integrity of that chair not to let us fall.  Sure, sometimes a leg does break and we take a tumble, but we can rationalize that it was old, or a joint gave way, and so we don’t lose faith that the next time we bend to sit that chair will hold firm again.  Can you imagine what life would be like if we couldn’t trust these basic tenets?  Frightening.  We’d be second guessing every step we’d want to take or every move we’d want to make and our nerves would be shot.

So,  faith and trust ground me when I feel I’m starting to float away and lose that gravitational pull.  Faith that the people I love know my heart and understand me, and trust that most people in my life really do have the best of intentions and are honest and intrinsically good.  If I didn’t believe this then it would be like living in a vacuum.

Being grounded is not a natural state for an artist, I think.  I’m always on the move, dreaming and scheming and planning and pushing, and this sometimes leads to feeling disappointed and adrift.  Setting up the easel and painting is good way for me to refocus, but it’s ultimately the conviction of my own thoughts that gets me back on track.   Whatever method you use to eliminate distractions it’s still your own head that makes the choice between calm and confusion.   The trick is to be honest with yourself, even if you can’t be with others.  Ask yourself the hard questions and expect hard answers.  It’s the only way to grow.

TracyGreat topic Bonnie, especially because after spending 10 days with you and John I felt just that.  It’s so important to stay grounded and finding ways to do that is the key.  For a free spirited Aquarian that can sometimes be difficult.

What makes me feel most grounded is when I spent time with close friends.  I always leave feeling grounded and centered once again.  Certain people in my life just seem to have a grounding effect on me.  Life can so easily get out of balance with how busy we make our lives, so you have to take time with those who bring you back to your roots.

My kids ground me daily and show me what is most important in life, which is living in the moment and just opening your eyes to what is right in front of you!

When I help someone I also feel a sense of grounding, it makes you realize that the little things in life that you do for others makes your life feel balance just a little bit more.  Meditation is also a great way to get reconnected to the earth.  My favorite form of meditation is running while listening to inspirational music.  After a good long run I feel like my slate has been cleared.


  • Myst


    thank you for posting this topic. I am still wanting more guidance on grounding, and perhaps you could let me know what you think.

    I feel ungrounded very often, but more intense than any one around me. On a daily basis, not only does my mind entertain a new career, but place to live. I have moved over 50 times in the last 3 years and have not been a home owner/renter in three years. I am starting to realize this could potentially be a problem.

    At first, I was thinking it was a good spiritual practice to give up earthly posessions, attachments to people/friends and go for something higher. Than, after so many moves, I am suspicious this habit continues due to a lack of gratitude.

    I am still searching for the answers. If you have any insight, please share. Thanks!

    • Tracy Westerholm

      Myst ~
      I know a few souls who feel as you do and it has always made me wonder what they were running from if anything at all, perhaps themselves. It would be very unsettling for me to feel that way. There is nothing wrong with wanting to see the world and all it has to offer.

      Giving up our worldly possessions is not such a bad thing, in my opinion we all hold on to far too many material items. Purging is always good and for some of us it feels good to feel light.

      I think for you to feel grounded you need to look within yourself first and foremost. Are you happy with who you are? If not make changes that will help you accept yourself for who you are.

      Being aware of the changes you want or need to make is the first step and then acceptance of who you are when you are happy with those changes is really important.

      Creating life experience with other human beings is what life is all about for me. Bringing joy to others and embracing each moment I have. Here and now is what makes me smile. Not always an easy task but worth working towards in my eyes.
      I think that when you are ready to be in one place you will find a reason to be. Just enjoy who you are and what your path is right now.
      T 🙂

  • jacquie

    Well, the one line in your comment really stood out to me. You said you thought it was good spiritual practice to “give up … attachments to people/friends and go for something higher”. In my mind nothing, on earth anyway, is higher than your connections with other people. I believe, and know this from experience, that when you decide to give up on relationships it’s usually a sign of depression. You may not even realize it, especially if you’re a particularly intelligent person. My suggestion would be to go to someone you trust and respect and discuss your feelings. And get back in touch with friends. I hope this helps.

  • Bonnie Johnson

    Welcome Myst!

    The part of your comment that jumped out for me was “I am suspicious this habit continues due to a lack of gratitude.”
    I think you just nailed it. You need to be fully grateful for right-where-you-are before you can ever move on and be satisfied. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t desire a change but it will be a much more gratifying change if you always start from a grateful frame of mind.

    I would recommend getting quiet with yourself and focusing on everything that is good right where you are. Start small, like focusing on the comfort of your socks or something like that, and I’ll bet you will feel your mind relax and the intensity to “move on” diminish.

    I agree with Jacquie that connections with people are extremely valuable. Being alone can be lovely at times, but being in relationships can teach us so much.

    Good luck and please keep us posted!

  • janey

    Just want to say a big thank you for giving me so much insight on how to ground myself. I feel very detached and lost in my thoughts a lot of the time. I am always striving for the next level of my life and not actually enjoying the here and now. So thank you again.

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