What Can Everyone Learn from Gay Pride?

TracyTracy’s Take~

Pride Parade is today in Vancouver!

I think everyone can learn from those who blaze the trails before us.  Gay Pride has shown me that with your voice however small it may seem, mountains can be moved.

When you live your life proud and authentic you are miles ahead of those who judge.  Being Gay has not been an easy path for many.  Those who are Proud of being Gay make me smile. I have never understood how someones sexual preference is anyone elses business but the two who love one another.  Love is love whether it’s experienced with a man or a women.


Think of the world for a moment without those who are willing to stand up for the rights of human beings.  These individuals do this knowing they will be judged by many.  They have chosen a lifestyle that is not understood or accepted STILL by many.  I find it heart breaking that there are young souls in the world who are afraid to confide in their families for fear of being shunned and not loved.  No soul should have to endure such conflict just to live their life how they feel drawn to.

I celebrate along side of all the Gays, lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgenders who are living truthfully and are setting examples for those who are not yet ready for that journey.  I embrace each soul I meet with open arms and an open mind.  I accept and don’t judge how each one chooses to live their life.  After all it is our life to live!  We can all learn from one another.  What have you learned from Gay Pride Ladies?

jacquieJacquie’s 2 cents~

This is a bit more difficult for me to answer because I don’t have a lot of first hand experience dealing with prejudice of this sort.  I don’t remember my gay friends in high school being treated any differently from the rest of us and I certainly didn’t see anything hurtful going on.  Was I naive back then and just thought all was okay?  Probably.  It does make me sad to think of what some might have gone through and that they needed more support than was offered at the time.

To me the parade allows young people of every sexual orientations to  see that they aren’t alone and they do have a community that accepts them as they are.  To be honest, I sometimes think it goes a bit too far and becomes more of an exhibition than necessary, but that can happen at a typical Mardi Gras parade as well. Call me a prude, but I don’t think you need to bare your body in order to show your pride.  I think I learn more about the actual issues from watching American politics than I do from the parade,  but it is an excellent platform for many people who would otherwise feel they aren’t given the chance to be heard.  I totally support that.  If the parade can enlighten even a handful of people then it’s a success.  Cheers to everyone participating and attending this year!

Bonnie Johnson's Post

Bonnie weighs in~

I agree that those trail blazers have indeed moved mountains and should always be remembered for their dedication and perseverance.  I believe that is part of what the LGBT Pride Parades are all about as well as a time to celebrate diversity.  The parades send a message for change to those in our societies that still cannot accept all others.  Social acceptance of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender beings is slowly coming but there are still 80 countries in the world where homosexuality is illegal and in 9 of those countries it is punishable by death!

During the holocaust  gay men were marked with a pink triangle and lesbian women were marked with a black triangle for “antisocial” behavior,  rounded up and sent to concentration camps.  In 1969 when police raided the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York, the patrons fought back against a government-sponsored system that persecuted homosexuals, and the ensuing riot  has become the defining event that marked the start of the gay rights movement in the United States and around the world.

One of my hopes for the near future is that all communities will accept that all sexual orientation and gender identities have sacred worth and will one day be fully included, celebrated, and affirmed with their chosen faith traditions.  To me, this is what the Pride Parades all over the world hope to teach.

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  • Frederic

    Here is what I learned from the Gay Pride parade:

    Gay Pride parade has become socially acceptable over the years, not because of the need to uphold “the right of human beings” as you put it in your post, but because because the gay movement is the useful idiot of capitalism. Any marketing expert will tell you that gays just like women are are the greatest consumers. The gay model is a product of commercial progressism. Furthermore, society and the media impose the gay model on straight men also to make them better consumers. Just look at the metrosexual trend where average guys are told by gays how to dress and how to seduce women.

    Gays and women are “the army of reserve of capitalism” as Karl Marx would put it. They are its biggest consumers.

    That is why Gay pride parades become bigger and bigger around the western world.

    • Bonnie Johnson

      Well, that’s an interesting perspective…not one that I completely agree with, but interesting. You may be right that the gay demographic are big consumers but I doubt that is the point behind the Pride Parades considering it is not “marketers” who are organizing these events. I believe you may have missed the more important message here and that is, in my opinion, one of acceptance of diversity. If your theory is correct than I expect to see “Mommy Pride Parades” and “Tween Pride Parades” soon as these two groups are huge consumers to be marketed to as well. 😉

  • tam

    I’m not too sure I agree with Frederic, but I’m also not sure I understood what he said – too many big words – “capitalism” “karl Marx”.. you lost me.

    Being apparently a big “mo” myself, I’m not really into the whole Pride Parade thing… I think it did have a very big meaning in the beginning but now has become an excuse for people to go get naked and drunk and party. And really, who needs an excuse for that?

    I think its super hilarious though that Frederic thinks gay’s are the biggest consumers – my dad & stepmom are not gay and they are the biggest consumers I know.

    I agree with Tracy though in that people should be able to love who they want, and whose business is it? Don’t we have bigger things to worry about? Violence & hatred, murder, wars, pollution, depleting resources? Good gracious, if I want to kiss a girl, who cares?! Actually.. that would probably stop alot of those things…. people would just stop and stare, thereby not hurting, hating, murdering, warring, polluting or depleting anything as they would be too busy gawking.

    Maybe we should all kiss more and the world would be better.

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