Take A Moment

Take a moment.

Stop for a moment.

Live in the moment.

An ordinary moment.

A moment is defined as an indefinitely short period of time; an instant; the present time.  But that makes it sound so insignificant, so small.  And yet it is everything.  It’s all we ever really have.  Right now.  Our life is only a series of moments and our happiness and joy depends on what we make of each moment.  It can all be gone.  In a moment.

I was recently introduced to Joan Didions’ memoir The Year of Magical Thinking. (Thanks Lisa!)   She writes about grieving for her husband, fellow writer John Gregory Dunne.  Dunne died from a heart attack as they sat down to dinner.  They had just returned from visiting their daughter in the hospital, who had fallen into a coma after being treated for pneumonia and septic shock.  Six weeks after submitting her manuscript her daughter, who had shown signs of making a full recovery, also died.

The first six lines of chapter one say it perfectly.

Life changes fast.

Life changes in the instant.

You sit down to dinner and life as you know it ends.

The question of self-pity.

Life changes in the instant.

The ordinary instant.

Those words have been ringing in my head since I read them.  They echoed loudly when I heard about the death of Georgian Luger, Nodar Kumaritashvili.  These tragedies shake us up and seem to scream “What are YOU doing with YOUR precious moments?”

So I challenge you to just take a moment…right now.  Think about what you want to fill your moments with and then go for it!  What are you waiting for?


  • Tracy Westerholm

    That was very thought provoking Bonnie. Thank you! I was saddened along with everyone else in the world when I heard the news about Nodar Kumaritashvili. To lose your life at such a young age is very tragic and the only thing I can think to help ease that sadness is that he was following his dream and taking chances and doing what made his life soar! Watching the opening ceremonies last night made everyone stop to think about what we are all doing here. Life can change in an instant as we have all been reminded by the loss of life. My hope is that we can all learn by this tragedy and make each moment count in our own lives. I look through a slightly altered lens this morning. xo

  • Rick

    Thank – You Bonnie,

    So many are blessed with not losing anyone till much later in life. Even though it is just as difficult.
    I have tried to teach my children to remember to always be kind to one another. We never know whats coming our way in life.
    I lost my only sibling …. my cherished baby sister when she was 29 yrs. old. Six months later I lost my mom at age 53. And My Dad Has Been Battling Serious Cancers For 6 yrs.

    Life is short ! I believe I will see them again !

    Well Done Bonnie, You Have a HUGE Heart…. It’s So Easy to Tell !

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