Spousal Sympathy and Servitude

My boot camp training came to an abrupt stop 10 days ago when I tore/pulled my plantar fascia muscle during class. The plantar fascia muscle is the muscle that runs across the bottom of your foot — connecting your heel bone to your toes. I was doing “the mountain climber” an exercise which I had done without any trouble before. But this time I felt immediate pain with my first step.  Lesson 1: Stretch, stretch and stretch some more.  Lesson 2: Wear good shoes with proper support.

Looks just like me. Ha ha ha!

I have been going to physiotherapy and acupuncture regularly and now I am pleased to say that I’m almost back to normal.  Yay!

You know what has annoyed me most about the whole experience?  You’d think it would be the fact that I was just getting into boot camp and now I can’t go.  That definitely stings.  You may guess that it totally sucks to be on crutches and then a cane, especially when you live in a home with stairs, stairs and more stairs. Ya, that made me cranky at times.  You may think the worst part was not being able to drive my standard car and have to rely on others to get me to appointments.  Yes, I lost some independence for a time.  (Thanks to all of you who were so quick to offer your help!)

But no. The part that has annoyed me the most is that my husband has missed the whole thing.  Here was my opportunity to be able to say “I can’t cook dinner tonight, you’ll have to do it” and “can you get me _____” and “don’t forget to do the laundry when you get back from getting groceries.”  Haven’t we all dreamt of having our feet up while our spouse runs around at our beck and call and waits on us hand and foot? All of these missed opportunities because I go and injure myself when he is halfway across the globe working!  Aargh!  Sympathy texts are nowhere near as nice as hands on spousal sympathy massages and servitude by the way.  Lesson 3:  Never get hurt when your spouse is away.

By the time he is back home again, my foot will be as good as new.  The house will be clean again, the laundry all done and the cupboards fully stocked. Life can be so unfair! 😉


  • Tracy Westerholm

    Well that’s what ya get from joining Boot Camp! lol I really did laugh out loud! HA!

    You inspired me to buy a Boot Camp Video from the guy who does The Biggest Loser, but I’ve miss placed it! lol Oh I remember I am giving to myself for Christmas, cause by then I will REALLY need it!

    I am glad you’re doing what you were told by the Doctor, I didn’t and it went from Plantar Fasciitis to Heel Spurs in both feet, had I known this before I would have done something sooner!

    I never got any sympathy either, I got poked fun at with comments like “Have you ordered your ‘corrective’ shoes yet?” “How are your two-by-fours today?” and “Come on Granny pick up the pace!”

    Poor, poor me and poor, poor you!

    My lesson learned ~ Listen to the Doctor, they know a thing or two and appreciate your feet, they are always there to hold you up when your family lets you down! (thats a joke) 🙂

    I am going to go walk my old dog, he makes me always feel better! I will give him kisses for you! 🙂

  • Chris

    Well, you could still be “using” the cane when John gets home and get some sympathy and have him wait on you for awhile…. 🙂 But I’m sure you want to get back to excercising and when you tell him you are leaving for Zumba, he may not fall for it.
    Glad you are almost healed !

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