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Bonnie Johnson's PostThe Postcard arrived addressed to:

Exactly Where You Are
In The Perfect Place
At The Perfect Time

And it came from:

The Passionate, Ridiculously Wise, Unflappably Optimistic Part of You
That’s Brimming Over With a Zest For Life And The Adventure That It Is
(In other words my “Gusto” – or “enthusiasm, delight, relish, zest, spirit, fervor”)

Well that’s interesting.  That’s the part of me that I’d like to hear from more often!  This would be the part of me that I don’t hear from enough.

I’ve been receiving a daily inspiring postcard from “The Passionate, Ridiculously Wise”…I’ll just shorten that to “Gusto” from here on, part of myself since Aug 5th.  The virtual postcards arrive by email to me everyday except on weekends (even your Gusto needs a holiday from work!).  I have to say it is delightful reading.  They are not long;  beat you over the head with positive words kind of messages, just simple, to the point and quite inspiring.  It is a lovely way to start my day!

I had planned on sharing a few of the charming messages that I have received so far by going back to past emails but “doh!” the email is always the same and says:
Of course when you click on the link even from past emails it goes to the new postcard of the day.  The older ones are gone forever.  This has me vowing to read them slower so I might savor each one for longer in the future.

Every new postcard has a wonderful picture on the front that just seems to add a little something special to the words.

I highly recommend going to postcards from gusto and signing up for your daily message from the …unflappably optimistic part of You.

Here is the postcard I received today:

Postcards from Gusto frontPostcards from Gusto back

How cool is that?!!


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