Fun During The Olympics

How do you have fun during the Olympics? Me? Well, I squeeze on my leotard and gymnastic uniform from when I was 12 and jump off the couch, landing with my arms up as I turn to all sides to face the judges in a glorious dismount worth a perfect 10! Well I would, if I still had my uniform…and could still fit into it… and if I knew my family wasn’t watching in horror. But I do it in my head all the time while I watch the athletes.  How inspiring to watch all the strength and agility the human body is capable of!

I’ve come across a few amusing “Olympic 2012” tidbits. Better to lighten the mood after all the swirling anger aimed at NBC for it’s delayed and biased coverage I figure.

I’ll start us off with a silly but cute joke:   Are you a pole vaulter?  ‘No,’ says the man, ‘I’m German, but how did you know my name is Walter?’

Oh, if this could only be true…
Oh well, we’ve always got mens synchronized divers in their little swim suits.…I think this guy is serious about his sport…

I’ll be playing this drinking game this weekend for sure!

This is a great video proving, once again, how dedicated parents of athletes really are.  (By the way, I do this same thing when I watch sports…especially boxing where I duck and weave on my couch like a pro.) Hmmm, ok, sorry, the Olympic Committee are blocking the video…really? You committee people need to get over yourselves and lighten up! Anyhoo, here is a link to Youtube that you can try…Parents watch their gymnast daughter

And finally, if you are going to be spending time in London, why not learn to speak like the natives. Nice attempt team USA.

Wishing you all a gold medal weekend!

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