Flowers of You!

This type of post is usually Jacquie’s territory but when I read about this artist in More magazine I was moved to want to share his work with you.

His name is Robert Blehert and he lives and works in Seattle.  When I visited his website I was surprised at how diverse his art is.  His collections include impressionism, portrait, sports, figurative, still life, animal and floral, but it is his floral gallery that really caught my attention.
His floral website explains it best:

Artist, Robert Blehert, paints portraits of women – not in the traditional style of painting women showing their physical likeness – but painting them in FLOWERS.  He captures the “essence”  – and paints their “essence” on canvas as he views it.  They are flower portraits done of women.

Robert talks with them in person or by phone, or hears about a particular woman or girl, and then using a highly textured acrylic style of painting, rapidly captures that person’s “essence”, spirit or personality on canvas.

“It is quite magical what happens when I do this”, says Robert.  “Women I have only talked with for 30 seconds and painted in this manner are telling me things like, ‘those are the exact colors I love and use in my home‘, or, ‘If I saw 100 paintings this is the one I would buy‘”.

Many women who have had their “essences” painted in this way, have stated that it made them feel more beautiful, more special, and more confident about who they are.  In this day and age it’s refreshing to hear results like this without the necessity of sprays, lotions, etc.

In Robert’s own words: “It’s the most spiritual pursuit of all my art endeavors”.

“I’ve always appreciated the beauty of women.” says Blehert. “Not just their physical beauty, but the creative beauty.” The project started when he set out to create a gift for a female friend.

What a wonderful concept.  I would love to see his interpretation of my own essence in the form of a floral painting.  A portrait of my soul; how cool is that?!

“It feels loose and free like the flowers were volunteers in a meadow.  Nothing cultivated or manicured!  It has a sense of “Spontaneous”.  I tend to act on emotion and the immediate feeling around me.” – Sharon


  • jacquie

    This idea is very similar to the ‘spirit’ paintings I saw being done by an artist in Big Sur a few years ago. I love colour and florals so this is more along the lines of what I would create if I were so inclined. I think people do have different auras and that is what the artist picks up on ~ the colour of your spirit at that moment.

    It’s fun to see how others interpret your personality. That’s why horoscopes will be perpetually popular. It’s an interesting idea, for sure.

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